A cold night

A cold night.

Bella (aged twenty) sat down in her cozy house when she noticed the windy storm outside that started to make her house wobble, she hid under the table while she watched the storm go away. When the storm calmed down, she hopped out from under the table, grabbed her jacket and opened the door. Bella saw three things: eye catching waves crashing side to side, an overturned bin at the side of the house and a rubbish strewn bush sitting next to the bin. She walked outside and then she heard a big bang. She turned around to see her door shut on her ; the draft from the door blew back on her. But then she remembered about the lost boy at the start of the week. Will he ever be found? Who will find him? She remembered about her being locked out, so she found a way to get back in but then suddenly in the distance a car engine started…

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