A Surprising Discovery by The Seaside

A Surprising Discovery by The Seaside


Liam was taking a stroll down the beach; it had been a long day and he needed some fresh air to relax. As he walked, he smelled: the salty waves crashing on the shore; the scent of petrol fumes coming from the cars of the tourists and the smell of meat being grilled at a nearby barbeque. Then, he saw something in the corner of his eye in one of the old fishing boats. At first, he thought it was just a bag, then after a second glance, he realized it was a rotting corpse lying on one of the fishing nets. He immediately called his brother Noel, who was older but was much shorter. Handily, Noel was also on the beach, walking his dog. He quickly dashed over and comforted his shell-shocked brother. Liam noticed there was some smoke coming from Noel’s pocket. “What is in your pocket Noel?” asked Liam.

“Oh nothing,” replied Noel who was now sweating heavily.

Then, a gun and some bullets fell out of the pocket. “Oh Noel, what have you done?”

Suddenly he grabbed Liam by the neck and threw him into the boat…

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