The heroes and the lost treasure

The heroes had finally escaped their pursuers as they made it onto land. Suddenly, a crocodile appeared. The wizard easily fended it off and they continued the hunt for the lost treasure of the ancient city. They went through the thick forest getting attacked by brambles and thorns. Finally, they made it into the lost city. They saw the temple where the treasure lay but…


The plant terror attacked! They had the three items necessary to fight it: a fire wand with a blaze that never goes out; the sword of lightning which can swing quick as a flash and a bow forged by the smartest of dwarves. They attacked but the plant terror was the strongest foe yet; it was a long and hard journey, but they eventually reigned victorious over it. They went on their way, and they started climbing up the steps on the temple but they stopped as they were tired, so they headed over to the nearest town ,which was quite small, and they relaxed and stayed for the night.


After their sleep they went back to the temple and continued climbing. Once they made it in, they proceeded with caution as everywhere they went it was ************* with spikes, poison darts and falls. Finally, after there perilous journey, in the heart of the temple they saw it… the ancient treasure (filled with gems and gold) right in front of them! They gathered as much gold as possible and went back home with their new-found fortune.

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