The land of the lost

Rumble, rumble, bang… Where was he? He was just on the beach and now he was in this city if you could even call it that (it was more a ghost town, covered in debris and sand plus a waterfall flooding half the town didn’t make it better). He was scared; he was stuck. He tried looking back up the hole, but it was covered. Had he gone mad.


He searched for a while yet had no luck, he found only the dirt and sand under his feet and the sea-like water source that seemed to go on forever. Then he saw it three amazing sites in front of his own eyes: a castle with a gold gate and the walls that went on for miles encased in sand covering the shining marble that lied beneath; a giant metal creature that had scratches and holes yet upon closer inspection it turned out to be a plane – maybe it suffered the same fate as him – and a city like the crumbled one he had witnessed before. Was he in a secret city? (had he found Atlantis) he wanted to get out of it so, he ran and ran until he got to the giant golden gates, he found a pile of sand that went over the wall and entered the castle. He saw statues of gods that were as grand as diamonds and there he saw it, a staircase that led to the upper world. He was conflicted, he needed to get home yet he could have made a discovery of a lifetime he would carry on yet he should keep that in mind.  He collected evidence of the city and returned to the castle where he placed one foot on the outside world.

Puff, puff, puff, he was panting uncontrollably he was on the beach -as crowded as it was when he fell-. He reached into his pocket to preach to the world what he found but the treasures were gone, and his memory was foggy maybe I dreamt it he thought.

Had he discovered land? A land where items go missing or memories go to fade, that is where all the missing item went.

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