Chapter 4

The tall trees that had been standing for decades, danced in the wind. At each tree they were signs that lead them to the ancient portal, that lead to an un known destiny. It was hear Cameron Carter Vickers and the Jaguar were going.


The stars felt like eyes watching your every move. Cameron, starting to worry, realised she was still bleeding and looked even weaker than before. She kept resting in the shadows.


As they were nearing the portal, Cameron heard voices in the shadows. They had been spotted. Walking forwards, the black Jaguar and the boy snuck up the path where the portal hid. A misty glowing circle stood up underneath the bridge just floating above the rocks. Cameron who could see through waited. There was a sparkling light like a liquid hovering above and below the portal. It darkened; the sparkling like broke and became little splinters; it was a galaxy full of stars.


 A moment later, 4 clunky robots walked out of a bush with guns raised. They were under attack. The Jaguar faced them, she roared so loud their buttons fell off. The robots collapsed as if Jagur had shut them down they were technically dead.


“It’s time,” she spoke, turning to Cameron, they both stood there looking at each other. At the other side there was planets, stars, Bolders and more spacy stuff. “I’ll be back, when I’m healed, I promise.” …


… She was gone she had left, Cameron was alone. The portal slowly died away and, poof it was gone. 


Cameron almost not believing what he had just witnessed. The robots still  unconscious on the ground. Cameron headed for home, he thought about his last few  days they were wiled he thought. The morning was here, church bells were wringing the sky was a nice pink, the people seemed awfully friendly for once.


The Jaguar was not fully  gone she still remained in his mind. Cameron felt stronger and more powerful than before. The Robots were gone it was no checkpoints. Life was good. Things were changing.

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