Chapter 4

The lighthouse was the oldest part of town, it was cornered of in barricades, the old light in the lighthouse was untouched, was that how the snake would go home; the lighthouse was the guide to all, it was said to have guided our ancestors to this place. No-one knows where it came from or who built it but, it’s just always been there ever since this place was discovered; It was in the corner of town by east crescent there which was were two small figures that only the stars could see a snake and a boy had made their way.

The night sky surrounded them in a sheet of darkness; the snake began to get slower and slower; Thiago was beginning to get worried; he stopped every so often to rest in the darkness of the night.

As they began to approach the old rusty lighthouse, Thiago heard heavy footsteps marching towards them, they were being hunted. Slinking forward the snake began to slither towards the gateway; the snake walked towards what once was a light was now a blue portal; glistening in the dark night sky; the portal faded then shattered and became a galaxy of green and black trees and stars, it was beautiful.

A few seconds later several military soldiers stormed the perimeter; there guns the newest blaster rifle. The snake turning to face them, Thiago standing by his side; the snake let out a mighty hiss… so did Thiago. It was as if they had emerged as one. He felt an immense wave of power wash over him. The guards all began to flee in fear of the pair. “my leave has come upon us” he said softly turning to Thiago as he was staring into the portal. On the other side there was no longer a road but a galaxy of green; just fields and fields of green; there were other extinct animals like tigers and snow leopards. Above there stood a beautiful night sky covered in stars and moons brighter than anything you’ve ever seen. Power like never before seen washed through revealing a hidden crystal right at the core of the hidden world. Both Thiago and the snake felt a surge of energy flow through them. ” I shall return when I am in my top form but until then I must remain in my realm” hissed the snake in a low weakened voice; with one last hiss; she leapt…


And was concealed back into her home realm. Slowly healing back to her final form; running freely around her home filled with hope and joy. Thiago began to walk home, knowing what he knew he would that one day the snake would return and when he did…

…Thiago would be ready.

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