Chapter 4 – Goodbye

Chapter 4Goodbye


The walls of princess street were built hundreds of years ago; were filled with lots of people as usual the gateway was just around the corner from Primark. Gateways have been located north, east, south, west. By numerous people, over the years gateways have been unlocked; but now the gateways have not been found since then. Jamal and the lioness made their way across the secret pathways.


The stars and the moon were tracking their every move. Jamal was wondering if they would make it; he noticed that the lioness’ wound still bled. She looked exhausted and her energy seemed drained; she sat in the shadows every moment and rested.


As they were coming close to the gateway Jamal heard loud noises like shouting. They had been found. Limping forward, the lioness roared as loud as she could. A leaf arched curved around the gateway. Jamal, who could now see through, waited for the lioness to approach. A bright sparkle like glitter shone through the leaves. Stars twinkled peering down at them. The sky darkened; Jamal stood beside the lioness; it was a galaxy of flowers and sparkles.


A moment later, a bunch of guards marched up towards them, lifting up guns. The lioness turned her body to face them and let out a menacing roar and Jamal did too as if he was half lion. His hairs stood up on ends and goosebumps appeared. Her eyes fixed onto his, glowing like glitter. The guards hesitated.


“It is time,” she said glancing towards him and they both locked their stare onto the gateway. On the other side it wasn’t a pathway with brick walls, but a galaxy stretching out like the palm of a hand, covered with glitter and stars, it was majestic, bright and had golden petals swarming. Waves of energy passed through the gateway towards Jamal. “I will come back once I recover,” spoke the lioness in his mind and with no goodbye she leapt…


And… disappeared into the abyss, gliding in dark waters, soaring like a shooting star, blending with the atmosphere; full of hope and calmness. Eventually she sank through leaving no trace…. she was gone.


Jamal turned, amazed by what he had seen. But the guards were no longer there either for they had run in fear. As Jamal made his way back home, dawn was spreading itself, shading the buildings. It was bright and quiet; clouds had disappeared and sun was shining.


The lioness would always be there – standing there beside him, living in his mind. Jamal felt more confident and stronger. He made his way towards the checkpoint, avoiding stares, they let him pass. Things were about to change.

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