Chapter 4 – The Gateway


Many years ago, the town walls had been built to circle the streets protectively. At the compass points of the city, there was an ancient gateway (for each point) that opened up to the main routes away from London, to other towns and cities below. There was only one gateway left now, all the others had been destroyed. Zina and the Cheetah walked on for miles and miles on end. They were getting closer.




Zina noticed that the Cheetah was still bleeding; They had to stop now and then, Jo was beginning to worry. The Cheetah was getting weaker by the minute. She began to wish that they had left it until the morning, but no, they had to get there and get the cheetah to safety.



As they approached the ancient gateway, Zina and the Cheetah heard shouts in the distance. They had been spotted. Guards approached, armed with their weapons, ready to strike. The Cheetah said to Zina, “We have to jump through now, together, do you understand?”

“Yes” replied Zina. They looked through the gateway, beyond it was shimmering gold liquid, it looked warm and comforting. The edge of the Gateway was shimmering and bronze, it looked like there was little coins all over it. 




The guards were approaching them, the Cheetah let out a vicious roar, so did Zina, she felt protected and powerful, like she could take on the world. It was as if she and the cheetah were incorporated together, like she was part of the her, it felt so powerful and overcoming. The Cheetah’s eyes were fixed on the guards, she gave them a death stare and then turned to face Zina. The guards faltered.




“It is time,” she said. “We must jump through, NOW!” She roared, then they jumped. It was a blinding light and a scorching heat, the guards must have ran away, for good… 

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