Clown Paradise shop



Are Your swords blunt? Is your fruit wearing out on you? Well come down to the clown paradise shop yeah I am still working on the name were you can get everything right here and guess who’s been here ok times up  it’s the one and only Luffy that is who.


This is the only place where you cannot get scammed at all that’s right we have a staid of the art security system so no one can steal scam rob punch and all of the above which in my opinion is not that helpful but hey its good for marketing.


Come now or order so that you don’t get sad if it is not there  and get a massive discount two swords for the price of one or you can buy one fruit get another the same power free and a special offer get a free metal hand if you lose one isn’t that great.


 Do not worry if you don’t have bout or ship we have plenty here that’s right we sell ships and staid of the art bouts and if you’re wondering if the navy are here don’t worry about that those are mine to and they can be yours for 50000 berries each cheap am I right.


There is plenty of types of fruits so you will not get bored there are

  • Bomb fruit
  • Paw fruit
  • Falcon fruit
  • Dragon fruit
  • Molten fruit
  • Metal fruit


Guess what as well as Luffy Whitebeard the Whitebeard has come here before and guess what he said if he takes over the world which he will he will not destroy this place how kind is he that is amazing


We boast huge strong ships, amazing glorius powerful fruits, the sharpest swords arrows and all of the above.


Like I said you get two swords for the price of one and an amazing juicy dragon fruit that’s right one of theys bad boys can get you a lot and it’s all yours if you spend more than 30,000 berries.


We who sail the super seven seas are the perfect place to come if you don’t well expect a lot of faltering


We are open all day seven days a week and we will be at the dark seas the Tropic skull and the molten volcano

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