Curve motion 2.0

Have you ever felt aggressive? Have you wanted to go to Curve Motion?

Have you ever felt dizzy? If so, come to Curve Motion for a time you will never regret.

“It was so awesome here, I want to come again!”


We make sure to help everyone feel okay,make sure you never leave empty handed and make sure you have some change.


Just in- The latest food was made from the finest:

  • Magical dusk
  • Unicorns eyelashes 
  • Star light
  • Cat ears
  • Tiger’s whiskers


Plus- Are you bored?First time going out that’s  what we like to hear.Be surprised at how it looks.


Don’t want to be alone?

We’ll make your mind blow!

You don’t have to wait in a queue.

You will leave without a clue!


Why be scared for your life?Put that to the side;go have some fun with your family and friends. Why don’t you try some of our famous apple and raspberry fruit juice!


All purchases come celebrate:

  1. Birthday parties for your friends
  2. Anniversary
  3. And mothers/fathers day


Be the only one to tell your friends and your family.Go tell them straight!


Offer- roller skates and food -get one free!

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