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Do you like music? Have you been looking for instruments? If so come to Interesting Instruments and buy or customise your own instrument (that are made out of the finest materials.)


Our shop is the best music shop! Theres always excellent deals that always make our customers happy . We also have cheap prices that everyone can afford . You can get a bigger discount by just downloading our app called ‘ Interesting Instruments App.’’


Order now! The instrument you always want is always available! Theres always 20% off every Monday ; you have a 1 year guarantee . If you buy 3 you get 1 free! 


You will always be satisfied with what you buy . Why spend thousands on other shops ? We appreciate customers that do spend thousands on us though . We have a cafe for people who want a snack or a drink and we also have concerts held by celebrities every Saturday.


We always hear customers saying, “This shop is excellent! I’m definitely coming back!” And way more! They also enjoy the old-fashioned look in the shop and cafe 


You can try out instruments like : 

  • Guitar (basic and electric)
  • Bass
  • Drums
  • Keyboard
  • Violin

And not others to try out because you have to put your mouth on it which is unhygienic for other people to put you mouth on where someone else put theres on. We would appreciate it if you dont try stuff with mouth pieces on .


We are open from 9am-9pm but only Monday to Saturday unfortunately . So come down to Interesting Instruments today! We have a car park and our shop is only 2mins away from Tesco!


We will see you here! 

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