Magical Gemstones

Magical Gemstones

Are you in need of a gem that can make someone forget something? Do you need something to calm your kids down? Are you gemstones no longer working or glowing? If so then come to Magical Gemstones with prices as little as £5.00!

 If you think you’re clumsy and you’ll lose your gemstone then we can implant a chip so that if you lose it then it will come straight back. And if you’re worrying about someone else stealing it then download the app and tell the gem who can touch it and who can’t! No need to be pacific; gemstones will know exactly who you’re talking about.

Just in– The most rarest gemstone ever filled with:

  • Calmer Kids (Which calms your kids down)
  • Disappearo Personero (Makes a person disappear for 10 Years)
  • Make me Look Younger (Which will make you or someone look younger) 

Plus– If you are looking for a job then come here and help us hunt for gems. If you decide to then you’ll earn £6.00 every hour.

Need some gems?

Then get your pens!

Why keep on being bugged about coming to are shop. Well being bugged by your kids about sweets! Just come to Magical Gemstones and all your problems will be sorted!

All purchases come with a choice of getting a special gem case, a collectors guide book and a book on the rarest gems.

Offer– Get a jewel necklace three for the price of one!

5 year guarantee on all gems and:

  • Potions to put into a gem for if you don’t like the current
  • Gem jewellery
    And loads more!

If you feel that you can’t be bothered to come pick up your item then we can use a unicorn to deliver it right to your doorstep with no extra cost. Quote from Dumbledore himself “ My new gem amulet was at my doorstep within 10 seconds of ordering it!”

Order now on Or visit your local shop. Find us open 24 hours a day at the core of the earth.

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