personal robot

Personal Robot


Are you tired from all your house work? Do you enjoy sleeping? Are you set behind on homework? Then visit and get your own marvellous robot today.


We can assure you that our robot can help you with anything: cleaning the house, with vibrant colours; keeping social and talking with friends; and can keep you entertained with your favourite games and TV shows – all available at discounted prices.


Our product is made of the best materials known to man:


  • Its arms are made out of reinforced cedar wood, making it incredibly strong.
  • The legs are made of the finest diamonds.
  • The indo-skeleton is made of the strongest iron, making it unable to fall in on itself.
  • Its projector is made of the best nickel and aluminium.


Every single customer says that it is very helpful.

“ This saved me from so much housework; instead I could enjoy my life,” Vanesa, age 29 from Bury St Edmunds.


All of your purchases come with a lifetime guarantee: free games to put into your robot’s projector; different attachments ( allowing it to clean different surfaces; and an array of clothes to make your robot stylish when cleaning.

Place your order at or come to our shop and purchase your own personal robot today.

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