Rixos Hotel

     Visit Rixos Hotel Dubai Now! 


Are you sick of your kids and grumpy teenagers? Have you forgotten how to relax? Is your life slowly turning into more and more work? If so, you need to visit Rixos Hotel for the treatment of a lifetime! 


Make sure to book and do your last cook as the amazing hotel provides free breakfast, lunch and dinner with incredible service and mind blowing flavors.


Kids club is where you can drop off your stressful bunch of children and go; enjoy your holiday. We provide:


  • Activities for kids all day everyday.
  • All activities are free.
  • Staff speak all languages.
  • A variety of snacks.
  • Physical workouts for everyone.


Plus- There are definite times for kids to try and find their passion for the outdoors. Don’t worry about dangers. Kids club is one hundred percent hazard free!


Losing hope?

Can’t cope?


Rixos will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.


Why be stressed about the future? Focus on you now and ignore the screams of kids and book Rixos!


We have to be the best hotel in Dubai as are pool provides:

  • A free swim up bar with every drink ever drank.
  • A smaller section for kids below ten.
  • An all adults pool to relax.
  • A filter system so any pee will flee in under two seconds.
  • And finally a training pool for professional swimmers.


Are famous funfair comes with:

  1. a)  so many bouncy castles for all ages.
  2. b) people on stilts for children to admire.
  3. c) a chocolate fountain with all you can eat fruit.


“ Me; my daughter and my husband went to Rixos and will forever hold onto the amazing memories we made there.” Quoted Chantel from room one hundred and twenty four.


We have over five hundred incredible rooms that include:

  • Bath and shower,
  • Two double beds,
  • A scavenger hunt,
  • A two week guarantee so if your room is not up to your standards we will change it.


We have lovely staff, eye popping features and terrific service!


Finally, we provide free beach rides on horseback! That includes:

  • Horses for novice people,
  • Horses for confident riders,
  • All horses come in all colours,
  • Some can also fly!


We hope you enjoy your stay at Rixos. Book now at www, Have a great time at the best hotel ever!


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