To use cohesion and a range of different devices

In Bournemouth, there was a girl called polly. She was an adventurous young girl so one day she got dared to go to the abandoned camp crystal clear. After hours of travelling she finally stopped. “ well I’m lost” she said with a trembling voice. “Hello polly” said terry. “W-w-who is there” she said horrified. “A-a-a-and how do you know my name” she mumbled. “Because I am a wizard and I know everyone’s names” he said. “Okay still creepy” she said. “I am here to grant you 2 wishes” he said in a loud roar. “Yessss” said polly in a happy voice. “So what are your wishes” he asked. “Hmmmmmm I wish to become a billionaire” she said in a flash. “Okay your wish is granted” he told her. “And for my final wish is to get back home”. “Okay your wish is granted” he said. Whoosh. In a second she was back home. The end.

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