Ultra Glove 2000


Are you tired of playing the same traditional games? Have you ever wondered whether to get new games? Have you ever wanted to play games whilst your outside?

Well buy the Ultra glove 2000!


We  promise our glove is the most vibrant thing you’ve ever seen. If it does break-which it won’t-come to Ultra Universe to fix it for free.


Our excellent product will make a change to your lifetime:


  • Giant grill extension
  • Console on top of the glove
  • Super flexible fingers
  • LED lights around the side
  • Super sonic speakers

All of our awesome customers agree how cool our product is. “The Ultra glove is so cool in my bedroom”said Tom aged 12 from Keddington

Another quote said “This is so helpful for me and my family”said Alan aged 15 from East London.”

We have a lifetime guarantee along with a promise: Unbreakable contractions; Fingers that never run out of battery and fun forever.


So,come buy our product at Ultra Universe or by it online at https.//just ultra

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