Visit pleasure – wood hills

    Visit pleasure – wood hills


Have you ever wanted to watch parrots doing tricks whilst wearing hats? Do you need a fun break? Then you have the opportunity to come down to pleasure – wood hills! The new rollercoaster (which is really fast) is the most popular ride here!


We sell the best toys in our gift shop! The rides here are astonishing! We also make all the food and drink here ourselves. Our food will make you drool.


Go to our theme park, have some fun! I bet you’ll want to come back! Make sure to go on our rollercoasters they’re made exactly perfect and they’re so fun and fast! You’ll love it!


Don’t worry, if you get stuck on a ride or there’s something in your drink or something else. You’ll get a good refund. If anything ever happens we’ll be there to help! Once this family came to visit ; then it started pouring with rain! But, we gave each of them free ticket to come back again! 


Many people have said “This is a great theme park!” 


Also if there isn’t any queuing on a ride, you can go round as many times as you want! At our theme park there is at least 10 food stands! Isn’t that crazy?!


There are so many rides you can go on!

  • Water slides
  • A Soft play
  • Pleasure – wood ponies
  • Woody coopters 
  •  A Train
  • Mini Twister
  • Funky flyers, and a lot more fun!


There’s even a sea lion show where the sea lions perform tricks and jumps! It’s so amazing, you should go and watch it!


Since the gift shop can be a little bit expensive, you can BOGOF and after 5 times of going to the gift shop, everything is permanently  50% off!!


Come to pleasure – wood hills you don’t have to pay any bills! 


Today, you have the opportunity to have the best time of your life at pleasure – wood hills! Visit our website Pleasure – wood It can show you the drive to the theme park.


We hope you come visit

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