Are you tired of watching TV? Are you cold during the winter holidays? If so, you need to visit relaxation club for the big sale.


We brag about the richest rag, homemade inventions and revolutionary merchandise – all under £15 and ideal for home-lovers.


Just in the newest spa room made from the best:

  • Pure gold
  • Rapunzel’s hair
  • Meteors
  • Heat from the sun


Plus are you a full time worker? Laser tag for the kids is our best point. Be aware of anyone trying to get you out.


If you’re on the run, come and have fun.


Why be bullied by your classmates ? Keep them all paralyzed from the word ‘BOO’. Yes, you can shop till you pop… and if you do, come to the cafe and have a sip of our homemade energy hot chocolate.


All purchases come complete with :

  1. Flying spa
  2. Free discount from smyths
  3. And hosting your kid’s birthday party


Be the only person on your street who has their own personalised items. Yes, we will print your name on equipment.

Offer- first 100 people go free.


50 year guarantee on all purchases, including :

  • Silver laser gun
  • Golden,silky massage table
  • Free massager
  • A kitchen makeover
  • And a riddle book for those clever clogs


No fakes- we provide an honest and caring service plus advice based on celebrities.


For larger items, our drone delivery service ensures safe carriage right to your door. “Our new massage bed was flown in 10 minutes!” said Lionel Messi.


Order now at or visit our arena and choose for yourself. Arena is open 24 hours a day and 6 days a week, Monday is closed. Find us at Bolton, BL2 1JA.


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