Visit Wacky Wands

Are you about to set off to Hogwarts?

Do you need your wonderful wands?

Has your wand started to wear off?

If so, you need to visit wacky wands. 


We boast a host of the finest traditional

goods, wstore the oldest of families

generations of wands, we care for the

wands, for the wands pick the wizards.


Just in – We have all the finest wands

for you.  

  • Pheonix feathers
  • Unicorn hair 
  • Dragon scales 
  • Mermaids eyelashes 
  • Moon cheese 
  • Star-Dust 


Are you a student? Your

first wand is already waiting for you.

Get exited of your first adventure with your

brand new wand. 


Plus – 

  • New students get 30% off.
  • Free tea or coffee for getting your first wand.
  • Buy 3 wands for the price of 2  


“This is the best shop for getting wands”

Says James Potter


Be no stranger to our shop.

Have a blast don’t be the bomb.


Why get bullied for a having a broken wand? Keep

the bullies away while you show off your new beautiful wand.

Yes, you can shop till you drop…… and have a nice sip of tea

in our small café in the back. 


Shops name: Wacky Wands 

Opening time: 7am to 9pm (open every day of the week)

Street name: Wizards wells 

Street number: 96



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