why you should visit legoland

Why should you visit Legoland ?


 We open  Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5pm  


Do you have plans for the weekend?  No?   Then  come down  to the Legendary Legoland. 


Visit today to claim your V.I.K ( very important kid ) badge . The first 1,000,000 kids can pick up a driving licence where you have to pass  with no mistake to get it. When you pass your driving test you may get 10% off your next purchase.


You must come down to your nearest Legoland and if you visit you will not want to leave . Try our new rides and at 6:00 pm you will not have to queue . 


If you decide to Buy the tickets now you can get a code for 50% off items  in our store using the code Lovelego .


“My daughter and son loved the Dragons Apprentice and The vikings’ river splash now we want to come every weekend .”


We sell good quality  merchandise ,traditional goods and pride ourselves on new inventions . Free lego or discounts for the people who have the most fun riding on all of our rides . 

Good luck!


You must come our best selling attractions : 


  • Racing riders 
  • Special shop 
  • Fabulous food 
  • Lovely lego 
  • Magical mini fig For more information go to  or dial 01753 626416 . We have 5 star reviews 

    ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐. 

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