The wolf


Chapter 1


It was a depressing day in December. Snow fell like tears coming from the sky. Berkeley’s houses didn’t make a sound.  From outside lights were all turned off so it felt that the were abandoned.


Willow sighed, hoping that winter would go more quickly than it was going right now. She walked towards the checkpoint, as the guard gave her an evil stare.


She could see that they were making sure she wouldn’t sneak and get past. Willow hoped she would be able to get this done as quick as possible. Bravely, she walked straight to the guard as now it seemed everyone was staring at her.


“Quick, I don’t have all day,” growled the guard snatching it off her without her even getting a chance to reply. “Where are you off to?” questioned the guard.

“I’m delivering this parcel.” replied Willow trying to be as polite as possible as much as she didn’t want to be.

Then the guard shrugged, thought for a second and then shooed her away. But the people who realised Willow got through weren’t happy and definitely didn’t agree. Though Willow was relieved that she eventually got through.


Walking, streets were filled with happy people, kids and adults. Though Willow could tell people were staring at her a bit, she decided to ignore it. Curious, she saw shops and gazed at the never-ending red carpets with not even a spec of mud on it. People were wearing fancy clothes that Willow would have dreamed to have.


Willow thought for a second, how could this be fair? Why was our world like this? Then, strictly spoken words echoed in her head, printed in her brain. Don’t answer any questions, keep your head down and remember you are not and will never be one of them.


All of a sudden, Willow felt dizzy. Footsteps thudded, and before she could run, hands gripped onto her. The stranger smiled but not the smile you would think of.


The woman made sure the coast was clear. Was this it… the end of everything? With the tight space that she had, she searched for an escape. The woman snatched the bag off Willow. Though she didn’t even notice because she was too busy searching for an escape.

“Thank you!” said the woman sarcastically.

“Give it back.” cried Willow.

In sight there was a ladder, leading to a roof. Then on the main road. This was the perfect escape.

“What’s that?” questioned Willow.

As the woman turned her head, Willow climbed up the ladder and as quick as she could go, walked on top of the roof. Then, she removed the ladder so the woman couldn’t come up as well. As she was still carrying the ladder she put it across the next shop as there was a small gap. As she was running though, she could still hear the woman shouting saying,

“I will get you one day!”  screaming with all her anger.


CHAPTER 2    Amara


Outside, rain let its anger as lightning struck as houses lights flickered like the place was haunted. Inside, Willow weaved in and out of random items trying to see the perfect spot to hide in. Willow could barely see a thing, a dark room surrounded her as she felt she was being beating up because it kept tripping her up. To her horror, she saw the lady at the door with a harsh smirk on her face. She had to hide.  She knew there was no way out.


… but suddenly a big shadow appeared with a growl as it felt every house shook, hard rain drops dropped angry on the ground. Out of the darkness, teeth smiled as the tongue licked its teeth nearly two times as Willow. Dark blue eyes were now staring into her soul. The animal scrapped the sharp claws onto the floor ripping the carpet. It was when Willow realised a wolf was stood near her side.


To her surprise, the wolf rested the head down. Though this didn’t seem like a tired animal, it was more a hurt one.  She knew that she was being called for help. What was she going to do?


It was then he spoke. A anxious, serious voice. Which tried to sound calm. Willow looked back at the wolf, nodding because she agreed. She would do anything for this creature. She was determined to.
” Come on, we need to get out of here as soon as we can because they are looking for you.”
Later that evening, after a long anxious walk. They found a place that no one goes in because their people say the place is haunted as lights always flicker. They knew they could be safe. They both trusted each other. To Willows surprise, the wolf curled up. Willow never took her eye off him.




Chapter 3



Willow woke up with a start; the wolf didn’t move. From outside she could hear, horse’s feet clicking, dogs barking which sounded close, guards shouting. Between the door there was a tiny gap just enough to be able to look through. Willow could see the dogs coming towards the door. She gave the wolf a small nudge.


At that moment, the door creaked. Someone was here. A shadow appeared in sight. Then everything went quiet. Everything was silent as they waited until the guards left though they weren’t sure that would happen. A flood of torches appeared. Several times the light flashed on them but they were not caught. Both of them didn’t move once. Looking through the door crack, she knew they weren’t giving up. They were at the other side of the door. A shiver ran down her spine. She cuddled the wolf as the wolf leant on her. It calmed her a bit, though her heart was pounding and she could feel the wolf’s as well. Was this it? They would wait until they were gone. She knew she had to escape for the wolf and herself.


Eventually, the guards had gone. In the dark, they sat there. Thinking all about what happened. Willow and the wolf would need to go before it was morning and they came back. The wolf and willow looked at each other slowly blinking. As they talked away for endless hours, the wolf told her about a gateway.


Willow knew exactly where to hide, the home of religion. She noticed the wolf was bleeding he had scratched himself because it was a tight space. Will they make it in time to get to the gateway?


Willows parents would be worried. Though that was the least important thing to think of so she didn’t think about it too much. It was time to start their adventure to the gateway. They didn’t have to much time until the streets were going to be filled again.

Chapter 4



The church building (which had been there for centuries) guarded the people in Berkeley. Coming out of the church, the gateway was standing proudly.


The rain followed every foot step that they took.


Coming closer to the gateway, whispers were crawling towards them. It wasn’t just them. Dragging towards the gateway, Willow noticed the wolf was more hurt than she thought. Her eyes were focused on the gateway.  Diamonds covered the gateway, reflections were seen. Willow could hear it saying to enter. Willow let the wolf lead the way, trying to hold in her excitement. On the other side, what was rare became common as a water fountain calmly drifted. It darkened; never ending streams of stars came; everything was silent except from the sound of water drifting down.

Not long after, a few guards appeared and threatened Willow and the wolf. The wolf, turning around to see what was happening, stood with Willow, guarding her new friend. The wolf, let out a growl, Willow screamed out all of her emotions following the wolf’s actions. The guards took an anxious step back. Then ran.


“It is time” she told Willow, the wolf faced towards the gateway, Willow did the same. On the other side, it was nearly the opposite. Not a road but fields of flowers. It was like summer every day. “Thank you for everything, I will return when I’m ready, maybe one day it’ll be your turn” Spoke the wolf. Before Willow could she leaped into a whole new world. This was the start of the wolf’s adventure. His body exploded into millions of pieces that turned into stars into the shape of the wolf’s body. Straight after that, she was gone.


Willow stood there, taking everything that had just happened. She stood still. Very still. She felt lonely.  She would have even felt a bit better if the guards were there. Thunder struck, at that time she felt as angry as the thunder. She was still stood and stayed like that the whole night.


As sad as Willow was, she knew the wolf wasn’t actually with her. However, he was; he was with her everywhere racing next to her. Willow would never forget this friend. Living back at home now, things had changed.















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