advice for an explorer

Have you ever thought of going around the world?if so take note of the following advice .its important to know like to not to go to speak to someone and useful items you need for your adventure .


While a  raid is happening,always take Armour in a bracelet  for protection from the arrows of the raiders and the swords ,carry a bar of chocolate [which is endless]will make sure you’re never hungry,a cout of invisibility The cause if you wanted an account so you cannot be found   


Beware the  Dangerous creatures :purple eyed teleporters ,when looked at there eyes they get angry , the hydro powered dragon that has five heads and uses water attacks ,and amputee zombies ,which are quick on their  hands and can kill you.


Take a knife [that’s  indestructible] to carve off meat of dead animals to eat ,Take the staff  carrier to hold the staff while holding something else take the shield with pockets to pro text yourself and have the knife near you,get the stiffening rope to make a tight rope to get to another  side of buildings, you definitely need the water bottle of speed for a quick escape .


Therefore if you decide to explore the world remember to travel with essential items suchas your staff and wings ,observe your surroundings for danger;and look out for the hydro powered dragon,by following this advice you will be kept safe and have a great trip and good luck on your adventure. 

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