Alphabet Poem

Axes and hammers such as Thors are best to take on an adventure like this.


Bypass blue books in the forest as they contain crushed magical mushrooms inside of them.


Carefully, tip toe into a crystal cavern and take a crystal but be aware dragons awake with one step.


Defeat dangerous devils with Thanos Gauntlet.


Exit places like an old couple’s house or a ship in the tree, these might seem nice but they’re not so it’s best to stay away. 


Fearlessly, climb up a tall tree and break the branch that you’re sitting on.


Giants will let you stay with them in their golden house.


Happy hamsters should stay happy if not the consequences could be catastrophic.


Ice in the forest is not normal.


Jaguars are found often in the forest so make sure to have some meat.


Kindly ask an elephant to give you a ride on its back.


Long walks like this can last for days, months or even years.


Mischievous monkeys love attention so don’t look.


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