An explorers booklet



Firstly, if you come across an ancient trail, do not go on it, ancient trails consist of Adders and Dragons. Adders can kill you with just one bite. Dragons will breathe fire at you so stay away from them.




Now, let me tell you about Elves, Fairies, Goblins and half-mens. You will want to get on an Elves good side because they can magic you up potions and spells. Fairies can fly you places and also help you so be nice to them. Goblins are horrible creatures that eat people so do not approach them if you don’t want to die. Half-mens are really nice so if you do come across one don’t be scared.




Invisible bridge spell, this spell is dated back to 300-BC and is used for when you find a deep canyon and it doesn’t have a bridge. Jacket of invisibility, when you put on this jacket, your whole body will turn invisible so it is perfect for when you find a troll. Kabouters are little dutch people that look like gnomes and they live under-ground. They cause mischief so don’t be friendly with them.

Finally, the lightning spell, this spell is very dangerous so don’t play with it!



Magic staff, this staff is used to do all of your spells so do not break it and do not lose it. *******, these annoying mini people will beg you for stuff but don’t give into them! Ogres, these people are horrible, they eat other people so if you see one RUN AND HIDE!

Lastly, Pixies are always angry so dont even look at them. 




Beware of Qalupaliks, they steal people but not for a bad reason, it’s to keep people from drowning. Watch out for mythical Reindeers; they run really fast so move out of the way for them. Moving onto Sprites,believe it or not, they are actually horrible little things. Next up, trolls, these very very very annoying creatures are very naughty so stay away from them.




Unicorns, the most magical creatures, can help you with spells and potions. Vivitation spell, this spell is very easy but only use it when you have to. Wizards, they are useless but very funny and good to keep you company. X-ray vision, a pair of glasses that help you see in the dark.




Yoyos can help you climb tall trees and swing across canyons they are very useful and always handy to have. Zebras, these beautiful creatures are very good at running.

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