run away


Avoid some giants as they may think 

that you are an ant so they will try to stand on you to kill you.


Bridges are very dangerous as 

there might be trolls waiting for you.


Carefully walk on the brick stone path because if you step on the wrong one you will get a scary surprise.


Do not listen to goblins as they will give you fake news.


Elephants are very big there so you have to never step foot into their cages.


Fiery flowers are very poisonous.Never touch them or pick them.


Giants will try to attack so make sure you have a weapon to use.


Hurry up and run across the bridge as goblins will pull your feet.


Ignore all of the advice from trees.


Join an army of people as they will help to protect you.


Keep on running until you reach the end of the rainbow.


Look around for any spies.


Move the crown as there is a door behind it.Go inside and there will be a magical flower.


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