Captain Catherine Diary-Saturday 30th June 3070

This Evening,I was forced to separate the crew into four groups to explore for our helpless friend.I announced to our neighbors if they had seen our friend Alex and gave out some banners.Then I checked the ground for a lost shoe or a wrecked jacket that might give me a clue of where our friend could be.


First we made our way into the woods.We put sticks on the ground so we could find our way back.The woods were very silent.You can hear the crunch of leaves underneath your feet,the wind whistling through the trees and the smell of damp wood after rainfall.


Later on, you could hear the leaves crunching. Outside, sharp claws scratched across the trees.Inside it was dim and the smell of the pouring rain.


We discussed and made a plan on what to do. Half of the crew are thinking he might have been eaten by a dangerous creature.As we were discussing, the wind rushed past us like a racing car, the dragons landed.It shaked its head and looked at us with a smirk.


But then, it was only a baby dragon.These creatures have scaly skin that glitter in the night, it’s heart was beating fast.Then suddenly, it spoke in a squeaky voice.We asked her if she had seen a Sky ship land but she shook her head and there was no sign of our lost friend Alex.

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