Captain Shafiqes Diary entry

Dear Diary 


This evening Me, Myself and I sent 3 different groups out to look for our dear friend Aiden then I sent out a search party. I also gave a bunch of posters out and then sent a few search dogs to see if they could track down Aidens scent.


Firstly me and the crew went on to the dessert. I made arrows to make sure I didn’t get lost. It was boiling hot! There were sand tornados all the time. One second the wind would be calm and the next it’s going crazy.


After a bit, it stopped where a huge tunnel appeared. Outside it was sandy and horribly bright. Then we entered. Inside there were beautiful birds and super colourful rocks. I’ve never seen anything like it.


We had a big conversation on whether to go inside even more, or just stay. We even though he is living the life.  BUT THEN a beautiful moon creature arrived!


Amazingly, it was 1 out of 5 of the world’s moon dragons. The creatures sparkle and glisten. It fluttered and suggested to help. I explained what had happened.It told us there was a sighting of a person but the Goblins were seen too……

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