24th September Blog Challenge

Welcome to the blog post challenge.

Below is an example of a blog post written by Pie.

What are you?

You are a lost glove
found on a path to nowhere,
like a stranded starfish.

You are a meaningful mirror
cracked as a tarantula’s web
bringing 7 years of misfortune.

You are the sun shining
on Jack’s axe blade
as it slices the stalk.

You are a Siamese cat
curled asleep
like a calm question mark

You are the smell of an orange
hidden in a teacher’s pocket.

You are in Manchester, waiting
on a rainy Saturday for sunlight.

You are a glass statue
trapped in a cage of elephants.

You are the sound of
a silent scream
echoing between heartbeats.

You are the guilt we feel
like the ribs of a starving child.

You are Sunday morning
opening its eyes and grinning.

You are a toe tipping tap dance.

You are at the rainbow’s end,
waiting patiently
for what will never arrive.

You are hiding in a cave
watching a spinning wheel weave
petrified dreams.

You are a forgotten wish,
abandoned at the roadside.

You are the victim
of a sunflower’s grin.

You are the taste
of words like lemons,
the sun yellow of a canary
but sharp as vinegar.

You are the memory of
my Granny Pointon’s cold, thin hand clutched tight.

You are the distance between
a friend’s smile and a bully’s sneer.

You are the taste of a tear
smudging a sad faced clown.

You are a poem
screwed into a tight fist.

You are number 6
with a snail’s back.

You are a peach
like a lost, soft planet.

You are in the wolf’s eye
and the deer’s pause.

You are the impossibility of
soft concrete,
a cold sun,
a loud sneeze
and dry water.

You are December
with a cold nose, frozen toes
and one star above.

You are Horseshoe lake
laced with stars
like silver salmon scales.

You are the 8th invisible ring
of Saturn.

You are as
slow as a stone,
as quick as a card trick,
and quiet as moss growing.

You are the girl who became
a glowing shadow,
and the boy who became
a frozen flame.

You are the poem’s threads,
tied neatly together like a shoelace.

You are the end.

© Pie Corbett 2020

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