28th February 11am Session 6 Blog Challenge

Welcome to the blog post challenge.

Below is an example of a blog post written by Pie.

Write the next section for your skyship adventure, developing two contrasting main characters.

  1. Name your character.
  2. Use a little physical description.
  3. Think about how the character feels.
  4. Show this through how they move, e.g. tiptoed or charged.

Stargrazer contd

Twenty minutes later, the children found themselves alone on board the Stargrazer. Captain O’Shea and the crew had already left in search of materials to mend the balloon, leaving strict instructions that the children should not leave the ship. Ty and Mariana stood on deck, staring into the encroaching darkness. A few stars had appeared and a purple moon glowed above them.

At that moment, they heard something.

Episode 3 – ‘New Crew Member’ 

Something was crawling up the side of the skyship’s wooden hull. Ty, whose face paled, shrank back and ducked down behind the tiller. Mariana rushed to the edge and peered into the gloom below, wondering what could be making such a strange noise. She could just make out something or somebody scrabbling up the side of the ship. It was quite small and had green eyes. It paused and stared back up at her. “It’s a baby dragon,” she called, “and it’s hurt.” Mariana, whose brow frowned with concentration, reached down to grip its outstretched paw and pulled it onto the deck. “It must have got hurt in the storm.”

The dragonlet was shivering with cold and whimpering. Ty dashed off to fetch a ship’s blanket, wondering whether it would survive.

© Pie Corbett 2020

You can listen to Pie reading this using the player below.

Use the form below to write your poem and then submit it so it can be ready and commented on by a much wider audience.

Writing Tips

  • Always check your work before submitting;
  • Type your work into a separate document and save it before using copy and paste to submit;
  • Don’t use coloured text, it’s hard to read;
  • Don’t use emojis and text speech;
  • Don’t use the spacebar to move to the next line-use the return key;
  • Always stick to the task, we won’t publish stories and poems not related to the instructions.

Season 5 - Create your blog post

  • Eg. Dragons should be able to live in our local area by Jamie.
  • Remember to double check your writing before you submit.
  • Select your school.
  • Hidden

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