3rd July Blog Challenge

Welcome to the Blogging Challenge!

Creating Suspense

Jo stared at the city that lay before her. Skyscrapers leaned at impossible angles, distant buildings crumbled and the ground shook as thunder rumbled overhead. A shadow moved. Something shifted. A vague silhouette. A whisper on the wind. Jo shuddered.

Newspaper Report

Use this form to write a newspaper report.
This should be punchy and should introduce the subject of the report to catch the reader's interest
The byline is the name of the reporter and can also include their job title, for example, "John Smith, mystical creatures correspondent". Please use a nom de plume (a made up name).
The introductory paragraph should contain a simple statement of facts covering things like, what happened; where and when did it happened; who was involved, and so on.
This paragraph or paragraphs should contain details of interviews with witnesses, information that the journalist has uncovered and descriptions of the scene when the journalist arrived.
This paragraph could include things like police or council advice; the journalist's opinion: what might happen in the future.
First names only, please.

How to create an audio post it note.

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