4th December 9:30am Session 9 Blog Challenge

Welcome to the blog post challenge.

Blogging Activity

Welcome to the Blog Challenge

Visit The Emporium

Are you ever bored at the weekend? Is your life in need of something different? Would you be interested in the seven wonders of the world? If so, why not visit, ‘The Magical Emporium’ and be thrilled by the experience of a lifetime… and, amazingly, this is all FREE. Bring your imagination and be ready to experience your wildest dreams.

Magical Magnificent Mysteries await! Yes, we offer:

  • antiques from round the world
  • rooms of amazing curiosities
  • life-changing wonders

For a day of sheer pleasure, ‘hop to our shop’ and ‘shop till you drop’! Don’t be the only one to miss out on the trip of a lifetime. Visit now and treat yourself. We can provide experience of:

  • any wonders that you imagine
  • objects and creatures yet to be created
  • as many worlds as there are dreams

You won’t regret our tailor-made adventures straight from the world famous ‘Book of Wonders’.

“A great trip!” said Mr H Potter of Dursley.

  1. Prizes for early birds!
  2. Kids go free!
  3. Lifetime guarantee of amazement or your money back.
  • We are open on weekdays and Sundays from 9.00am – and close at 6.00pm.
  • Find us just off the M25 on Stanley Street, Witherington, GH78 8PD

Visit our website for more details or email our office team on dreams@emporium.jotmail.lo We are waiting for your call!

©Pie Corbett 2021

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  • Always check your work before submitting;
  • Type your work into a separate document and save it before using copy and paste to submit;
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  • Always stick to the task, we won’t publish stories and poems not related to the instructions.

Season 8 - Create Your Blog Post - Grammar

  • Eg. Dragons should be able to live in our local area by Jamie.
  • Remember to double check your writing before you submit.
  • Select your school.
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