4th October 9:30am Session 2 Blog Challenge

Welcome to the blog post challenge.

Below is an example of a blog post written by Pie.

On the Way Home…

I met a girl called Winter.
She had eyes of frost that glittered
and her hands were snow-soft
with fingernails of ice that burned my cheek.
She whispered silver words
that fell like thin coins
into a well of wishes.

I met a boy called Owl.
His head swiveled like a lighthouse beam
and his amber eyes scanned the world.
Gnarled talons like tree roots for hands
and the soft shuffle of feathers for a coat.
His hair was softly spun
and his touch softened my hands.

I met a man called Sunset
His eyes wept red and towards evening,
His clouded face faded into silence
as if he had just stepped out of doors.
He drank a lake
to swallow the moon.

I met a woman called Fire
Her skin sizzled and her heart pulsed like a sun
beneath a ribcage of embers; polished eyes
blazed like burnished copper.
She spoke of frail things
that too soon wither
and silently

I met a princess who was Unfortunate.
Her hands let slip the truth
and her fingers were thin as chicken bones.
Her hands fidgeted, fingers ticked
relentlessly and her face
darkened towards evening.

I met a Prince called Greed.
His belly round as a beach ball
and feet sloth-slow as he consumed
the earth like birthday cake,
scattering crumbs of rock.
His eyes were sunken ships
and his mouth a cavern’s dark.
He cried but no tears fell.

I met a soldier of Peace.
Butterflies lived in his pockets
and out of his gun grew primroses
and he spoke to me of laughter
with a voice of tinsel and stars.

On my way home, I met Myself.
I was standing in a hall of mirrors
and forever growing smaller.
I spoke of all the little things
that made me what I am:
red Smarties, walking on my hands
and the Beano once a week.

©Pie Corbett 2021

You can listen to Pie reading this using the player below.

Use the form below to write your poem and then submit it so it can be ready and commented on by a much wider audience.

Writing Tips

  • Always check your work before submitting;
  • Type your work into a separate document and save it before using copy and paste to submit;
  • Don’t use coloured text, it’s hard to read;
  • Don’t use emojis and text speech;
  • Don’t use the spacebar to move to the next line-use the return key;
  • Always stick to the task, we won’t publish stories and poems not related to the instructions.

Season 4 - Create your blog post - 9:30am Session

  • Eg. Dragons should be able to live in our local area by Jamie.
  • Remember to double check your writing before you submit.
  • Select your school.
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