4th October 9:30am Session 2 Jotcast

Welcome to the Jotcast

I met a girl of Silver.
She whispered words
like thin coins
slipping into a well.

 I met a boy of Midnight.
He drank a lake
to swallow the moon.

 I met a man of Autumn.
He spoke of frail things
that too soon wither
and silently drift.

 I met a child of emptiness.
His eyes were sunken ships
and his mouth a cavern’s dark.
He cried but no tears fell.

 I met a thief of Time.
His hands fidgeted, fingers ticked
relentlessly and his face
darkened towards evening.

 I met a heroine of Cloud.
Her hair was softly spun
and eyes of white gazed
out at me as the gentlest
touch softened my hands.

 I met a soldier of Peace.
Butterflies lived in his pockets
and out of his gun grew primroses
and he spoke to me of laughter
with a voice of gravel and dirt.

©Pie Corbett 2021

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