4th October 9:30am Session 2 Padlet

Welcome to the Padlet!

I met a girl called Winter.
She had eyes of frost that glittered
and her hands were snow-soft
with fingernails of ice that burned my cheek.

I met a boy called Owl.
His head swivelled like a lighthouse beam
and his amber eyes scanned the world.
Gnarled talons like tree roots for hands and the soft shuffle of feathers for a coat.

I met a man called Sunset.
His eyes wept red and towards evening,
His clouded face faded into silence
As if he had just stepped out of doors.

I met a woman called Fire.
Her skin sizzled and her heart pulsed like a sun
beneath a ribcage of embers; polished eyes
blazed like burnished copper.

I met a princess who was Unfortunate.
Her hands let slip the truth
and her fingers were thin as chicken bones.

I met a Prince called Greed.
His belly round as a beach ball
and feet sloth-slow as he consumed the earth like birthday cake,
scattering crumbs of stone.


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