4th October After School Club Blog Challenge

Welcome to the blog post challenge.

Your challenge is to write your own Liz Brownlee inspired poem about your favourite mythical creature.

Or another example…

Use the form below to write your poem and then submit it so it can be ready and commented on by a much wider audience.

Writing Tips

  • Always check your work before submitting;
  • Type your work into a separate document and save it before using copy and paste to submit;
  • Don’t use coloured text, it’s hard to read;
  • Don’t use emojis and text speech;
  • Don’t use the spacebar to move to the next line-use the return key;
  • Always stick to the task, we won’t publish stories and poems not related to the instructions.

Season 4 - Create Your Blog Post - After School Club

  • Remember to double check your writing before you submit.
  • Select your school.
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