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End of Chapter 3

Jo knew that his family would be worried but there was nothing he could do about that. He had to find the gateway before he could think about getting home. So it was that only the moon and the stars saw two slim shadows, a boy and a wolf, slip through the alleyways heading across town. They made their way, street by street, avoiding checkpoints, locked in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Chapter 4

The town walls, which had been built many years ago, encircled the streets in a ring of protective stone. At each compass point, (north, south, east and west) there had been an ancient gateway that opened onto the four main routes away from Stroud, through the valleys towards the old cities of Brystol, Sallisbury, Brimingham and Oxfyrd. Over the years, the gates had fallen into disrepair and only one gateway stood, facing east towards the Oxfyrd Road. It was in this direction that Jo and the wolf made their way.

The moon’s white eye stared down as if tracking their movements. Jo, beginning to worry, noticed that the wolf’s wound still bled. She was moving at a slower pace; she paused every so often, resting in the shadows.

As they approached the ancient gateway, Jo heard distant shouts. They had been spotted. Limping forwards, the great wolf padded into the road that led up to the gateway. A stone arch in the wall curved round a mighty steel gate. Jo, who could now see through, waited as the wolf approached. A glittering light, which was like liquid gold, glowed on the other side. It darkened; the golden river fragmented into bright splinters; it became a universe of brilliant stars.

A moment later, several guards appeared and raised their guns. The wolf, turning to face them, stood with Jo beside her. She let out a menacing growl and so too did Jo. He felt his skin prickle with the power of the wolf. It felt as if he had become part wolf. Her eyes, which fixed them with a paralysing stare, glowed like distant planets. The guards faltered,

“It is time,” she spoke, turning to Jo and they both turned to look at the gateway again. On the other side, it was no longer the road leading away or the golden light but a universe that stretched forever, speckled with stars, coloured planets and moons that reached into eternity. Waves of energy poured through the gateway and linked both Jo and the wolf. “I will return when I am healed,” she spoke into his mind and with one simple bound she leapt…

… and plunged into the universe, swimming through the river of darkness, past swarms of stars, moons and other worlds, blending into eternity like a shooting star 5 of energy and light… and joy. Eventually, her glittering body began to disintegrate into thousands of tiny sparks that seemed to become stars at one with infinity and then… she was gone. Jo turned, almost blinded by what he had seen. But the guards were no longer there for they had run in fear. As he made his way home, dawn crept over the town, illuminating the buildings. It was a bright morning, the snow had melted and he could hear the dawn chorus.

The wolf would always be with him – pacing next to him, living deep inside his imagination. Jo felt somehow lighter but also stronger. He made his way towards the checkpoint where, not daring to meet his stare, they waved him through. Things had begun to change.

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