7th March 11am Session 7 Blog Challenge

Welcome to the blog post challenge.

Blogging Activity – Write the section for your skyship adventure where the skyship has set sail again. The two main characters are alone on deck and they hear or see something ominous. Build the suspense.

Below is an example of a blog post written by Pie.

Stargrazer cont.

Episode 4 – ‘Onward’

Several hours later, the crew had returned, patched the skyship’s air balloon and they were now sailing through the night with only the stars to guide them. Marianna had found a space in the hold for the baby dragon. It had eaten well and falling asleep almost immediately.

Ty stood alone on deck, wondering whether he would ever see home again. The moon cast a silvery light onto the clouds and the odd star shone through. Marianna came up to be with him. She thought that she would never tire of the wind in her hair and the great skyship moving silently just below the ragged, fluffy edges of the clouds.

It was then that they both heard something. Something or somebody was crawling up the side of the skyship’s hull towards them. Not again! Mariana grabbed Ty’s hand and pulled him down. Alone, they waited, hearts beating. What could it be? Ty crossed his fingers, hoping it wasn’t the dragonlet’s mother! An angry parent could be a terrifying sight!

Peering over the edge, Ty could just make out a strange shape, that appeared to be clinging to the wooden hull. Ty shuddered as he whispered to his sister, “I can’t see what it is… but it looks huge.” A huge, scarlet eye blinked up at him!

Captain O’Shea appeared, lent over the railings and chuckled, “That’s the landing ship’s light. A flying craft that we sometimes use if we don’t want to dock the whole skyship. You two need to be in your bunks or you’ll start to imagine all sorts of things.”

Ten minutes later they were both asleep, dreaming of dragons and skyships and great adventures. The Stargrazer drifted on silently through the night towards dawn.

© Pie Corbett 2020

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Writing Tips

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