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Dragon Report

The Snow Dragon

There are many different breeds of dragon and one of the most intriguing is the snow dragon. Very little is known about this variety because it camouflages itself so well that it is rarely ever seen.

Would you be able to recognise a snow dragon if you saw one? In fact, they are very similar to the large majority of dragons. Like most dragons, they have a long horn, the body of a horse and excellent eyesight. Typically, they are an amazing white colour which glitters as their hair catches the sunlight. However, a few have been spotted which are a light green colour. This allows them to blend in amongst forest vegetation. Furthermore, they have amazing teeth made of diamonds and their tails consist of icy, silver hair. The main feature of the snow dragon is that it freezes anything that it touches. Amazingly, they scatter flakes of snow as they move along.

No one actually knows where snow dragons live during the summer months. It is thought that they hibernate in the North Pole, possibly buried beneath ice caps. However, in the Winter they can be seen hiding in forests. If you wish to see a snow dragon, then you should wait by a moonlit pool when the snow is falling. However, you will need to keep quite still and be patient. Remember to take some icicles with you as snow dragons love to lick ice because it keeps their body temperature stable.

Are snow dragons dangerous? Many people believe that they are because they have the ability to enchant anyone who sees them. Children and adults have disappeared after seeing a snow dragon and it is believed that they have been tempted into riding the dragon. Unfortunately, if you touch a snow dragon, you run the risk of being turned to ice! So, anyone curious enough to track a snow dragon should be very careful.

 Pie Corbett, Dragon Whisperer

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