How to deliver a TeachingLive session from a video

We make a video recording of every session of TeachingLive in case you miss a session. This might be because of INSET or another completely unforeseen circumstance. Each week we send out an email with the Zoom link and teacher notes for the coming week; at the bottom of the email is a link to the video of the previous week’s session, and a link to the session’s page on the website. This means that you can share the link of the session page with the children and they can watch the video “as live”.

Clearly, when watching a video of a session we will not be commenting on the children’s work, and the Padlet session will not be moderated live (see notes). In addition, we can’t run the Jotcast session again once the live session has ended, so this part of the lesson needs to be run as an “analogue” session in the classroom.

Please note, for teachers that want to experiment with the technology in class, it is perfectly possible to set up your own Padlet and Jotcast and we run CPD on these tools as part of the TeachingLive subscription.

Instructions for use

  • Display the video on the whiteboard or TV with the group;
  • Make sure the group are split into pairs before you start the session;
  • Each person will need a note book/jotter for note taking;
  • Each pair/group will need a device with the session page of the session that they are watching*

*Important note: the children MUST use the link to the session page that we have sent, not the live “Today’s Session” because we change the pages on this menu option every week and they will only link to the current week’s activities, not previous sessions.


The TeachingLive Session

The Game

After the brief introduction, Pie and David will model a game. The children will play the game in class when the timer starts on screen, exactly as live. If you want to devote more time to this section, simply pause the video.


The Padlet Activity

This can be done “as live” with children navigating to their Padlet and adding their sentences. Please note, the feedback obviously relates to content written during the live session. You may give your children more time on this activity by pausing the video.

Teacher note: Once you have completed the session it is important to email to tell us that you have done the Padlet activity so we can moderate it. Please let us know your school name and which session you did (original session date plus the time of day of that session).


The Jotcast Activity

This session cannot be done live on the website as moderation is live and the Jotcast is closed after the session is completed. Instead, we recommend you use jotters/whitebaords etc to write sentences. If you want your sentences to be published on the TeachingLive website we recommend that you compile your best sentences (great editing activity) into a single document and submit them via the Blog Challenge form with the title “Jotcast Activity – XYZ school”. We will then publish them.


The Blog Challenge

The blog challenge is designed to be completed after the session ends, so you have the option to pause the video after the end of the Jotcast and restart it at the beginning of the Blog Challenge section when you are ready to do this in class, or repeat the input at that point.

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