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In order for your school to benefit from TeachingLive.Net you need to purchase a subscription.

For Spring Term 2021 a TeachingLive subscription will include the following:

  • An online CPD session with the TeachingLive team prior to the first lesson;
  • Ten TeachingLive lessons between January 2021 and the end of the spring term;
  • A full term plan for teachers, plus individual lesson notes;
  • A maximum of 3 classes/groups per school.

Only £500 per school

Please note, in order to preserve the unique interactivity of TeachingLive lessons subscriptions will be limited. If demand exists we may run a 2nd TeachingLive session.

The 10 dates for Spring 2021  will be announced shortly:

See the calendar page for additional INSET sessions etc.


Use this form to purchase a subscription to TeachingLive.Net
  • What is your name?
  • Please include address and phone number and email address of finance person if different to the email submitted above (we will use this email to invoice you).

For every subscription we receive we plant one tree through OneTreePlanted.


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