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TeachingLive is a live, fast and furious, online writing program in which children submit their own writing during the sessions and receive instant feedback from the TeachingLive team.

We offer 3 options:

  1. TeachingLive Writing: our original 10 sessions of creative writing;
  2. TeachingLive Grammar: our brand new 10 sessions of grammar practice;
  3. TeachingLive Masks and Poetry: a single TeachingLive session delivered exclusively to your school or cluster.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss which session is best for you, the drop us a line via the ‘Contact Us‘ page.

Spring Term 2023 Program

For spring term 2023 the session times will be as follows:

9:30 am (1 hour): TeachingLive Writing, using SF Said’s Tyger  as our inspiration.

11:00 am (1 Hour): TeachingLive Grammar

Session Dates

16th Jan
23rd Jan
30th Jan
6th Feb
13th Feb – Half Term
20th Feb
27th Feb
6th Mar
13th Mar
20th Mar
27th Mar

For more information, and to subscribe to any of the sessions, click on the buttons below.

TeachingLive Writing

TeachingLive Grammar

TeachingLive Masks and Poetry

For every subscription we receive we plant one tree through OneTreePlanted.


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