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How to look after unikitty

First you must make a super soft unikitty bed. Next you must give the unikitty special food called Rainbow Sparkle Fish. Then you need to get the magical soap called UniSrinkle and put it in to the water .After you need to get a fun unikitty toy mega ultrapop it. Finally you need to keep it safe and have fun.

How to look after a fire unicorn

How to look after a fire unicorn

Have you ever seen or looked after a fire Unicorn? If so here are some instructions so he or she is well behaved

What you need

-lava wool for bed

-chips and jalapeño for food

-200 degrees lava bath

-more space than a football stadium

-hot sauce and fire for drink

What to do

First, buy a duvet and make sure it is warmer than a volcano to chill and sleep.

Next, get chips and jalapeño for he’s body to stay boiling if he gets cold he can takeover the universe.

Afterwards, make hot sauce for a drink and fire so he doesn’t destroy the universe.

Finally, prepare a 200 degree lava bath use fire for he’s soap. Last of all use lava liquid to wash it off because if you use water he will take over the universe.


Never ever give him something cold or else the world will be mars!

Have fun

How to look after a Rainbow Unicorn

How to take care of a Rainbow Unicorn

Have you ever wondered how to take care of a Rainbow Unicorn or been asked to look after one?Well don’t worry any more these 7 steps will help you and your unicorn.

What you need:

  • fluffy rainbow blankets
  • Rainbow juicy lollipops
  • Strawberry sweets
  • Large room the size of a forest
  • Rainbow soap
  • Food colouring
  • Strawberry milkshake

What to do

1.First, obtain rainbow juicy lollipops and strawberry sweets because this will calm her down and she will learn that you are a good person who will feed her and take good care of her.

2.Then, you need to make sure you have a space the size of a forest

3.Now, find some fluffy rainbow blankets as she has huge rainbow wings and this will keep her comfortable.

4.Next, grab some strawberry milkshake because this is her favourite drink.

5.After that, purchase some food colouring. This is for her bath. When it comes to bathing your unicorn you put regular water in and add the food colouring to change the colour of the water as she doesn’t like anything that is not multicoloured.

6.Eventually, your unicorn will need to exercise your unicorn can exercise by taking her for a long walk. Do this 3 times a day.

7.Finally you need to play with your unicorn s will build up your relationship.


If you don’t follow all of these instrucations your unicorn will become aggressive. Have fun but remember be careful or she may bite

How to look after a fire unicorn

How to look after a fire unicorn

Have you ever had to babysit a fire unicorn or have you looked after a fire unicorn?

This is what you need to make sure that the unicorn is happy

What you need

These are the 8 things what you need





Extremely hot water

Big space as big as a football pitch

Lava soap


What to do

First,find a volcano and get some rocks and lava so it will be calm and peaceful.

Next,cook some sausages and look for coal so it is happy and cheerful.

Then,buy some lava soap and get extremely hot water from a kettle so that you can wash him.

Once you have done all of that,you need to look for some big space for him as big as a football pitch so he can exercise.

Finally,you need to gather some water so he does not get very thirsty.


If the fire unicorn is angry say stop! and he will stop.

Tips and tricks to look after a galaxy unicorn

Tips and tricks to look after a galaxy unicorn

Have you ever looked after a galaxy unicorn? Follow these tips to look after a galaxy unicorn

What you need

-fluffy blanket

-silky pillows

-soft mattress

-top secret


-nice warm bath

-relaxing shower

-star cereal

-mushed stars

-universe water

-as big as a rugby pitch


First purchase some star cereal and mushed  mushed stars so you can keep your unicorn alive.

Next acquire your unicorns bedding you will need a fluffy galaxy blanket and silky star pillows also a soft mattress for comfort.

Then locate a exercise area as big as a rugby pitch because it needs to exercise.

And then let your unicorn go to the universe to obtain universe water and whistle for it to come back.

To clean it you it will need star soap and warm water then put the soap all over it and rinse it of.

Finally enjoy your new unicorn and have a good day.


Stay away from if it is standing up and looking straight in your eyes this will result in you dying to calm it down just give it some food and it will calm down.

How to look after a River Unicorn

How to look after a River Unicorn

Have you ever had a pet Unicorn or has someone asked you to look after one? If you have to these steps will help you.

What you need




-dead fish

-space as big as the River Nile

-River water -1 degrees soap

-exercise around Astley park


First, purchase dead fish and ice cubes to make her calm and gain its trust so it is safe.

Next, collect water,wood and make a comfortable bed so it can sleep on it and relax on it.

After, find a space as big as the River Nile so it can exercise by running around.

Afterwards, retrieve River water that is -1 degrees and get ice soap to bath her and make her smell nice.

Finally, let it run around Astley park for more exercise and when it is tired out take it to bed.


If you do not follow these instructions the River Unicorn will flood the whole entire world.

How to take care of a Sweet Unicorn

How to take care of a Sweet Unicorn

Have you ever had a pet unicorn or had to look after one? Well no need to fear because these instructions will help you with your Sweet Unicorn.

What you need:

  • pink cotton
  • Fluffy blanket
  • 3 times running and playing each day for 1 hour
  • 20 yummy sweets (no chocolate)
  • Strawberry fruit juice
  • Space of ice skating rink
  • Sugar soap

What to do:

1.First, grab pink cotton and the fluffy blanket from the supermarket so it has bedding for it to sleep on until you get enough space.

2.Next, purchase 20 delicious sweets (no chocolate) of any kind because it’ll feel comfortable being with you.

3.After that, find a huge space as big as an ice rink then it can run around and play with you.

4.Then, buy some juicy strawberry fruit juice from Tesco as it will be able to keep hydrated and stay alive.

5.Finally, obtain a big tub of sugar soap from sugar sweet mountain therefore you can bath it.


If you don’t follow these instructions the unicorn will blow candy floss over the world for ever and move away from you. However be careful and have fun

How to take care of a Weather Unicorn, the right way

How to take care of a Weather Unicorn, the right way

Have you ever had to look after a Weather Unicorn while having no idea having no idea what to do? Well, follow this set of instructions and you’ll be fine. They really work!

What you need

  • a soft, fluffy cloud (cotton)
  • shredded snow
  • bright sunbeam
  • cloudy – floss
  • space the size of 3/4 of a acre
  • fresh rain from a rain cloud
  • sunny soap
  • water from a summer lake
  • a flash of lightning
  • a colourful, rainbow ball


First, prepare shredded snow and cloudy – floss for your unicorn to enjoy so you can create a friendship between yourself and your creature.

Then, make a soft bed using a fluffy cloud, or if you have no idea where to get a cloud from, quickly pop to the closest and grab some cotton instead.

Later on, scaventure  3/4 of an acre since Weather Unicorns need an enormous amount of space when they exercise.

After that, play with your unicorn by playing fetch with a colourful, rainbow ball until it has been half an hour. Do this every day as it will balance you creature’s diet.

Next, obtain fresh rain from a rain cloud and sunny soap from the shop. Then, squeeze the sunny soap all over her body therefore you can rinse it off.

Finally, collect cold water from a summer lake the reason that is because this type of unicorn only drinks this particular water, and don’t forget the flash of lightning.


Hopefully, you followed the instructions carefully but be careful after 10 years this method won’t work so they will need to be let out into the wild.

However have fun!

How to look after a Mrs Szalata Unicorn

Have you been gifted with a baby Mrs Szalata Unicorn or been asked to look after one? These 7 steps will help you become confident enough to take care of any unicorn in the world.

What you need

  • silk blankets
  • puffy pillows
  • chocolate digestives
  • Haribo Starmix
  • 1/2 of a football pitch
  • washing – bowl
  • knowledge polish soap
  • Diet Coca Cola
  • Pepsi Max


First, purchase a packet of chocolate digestives from a local supermarket so your unicorn can learn to trust you and to start a new relationship with them.

Second, locate a deserted football pitch but only use 1/2 of it because your unicorn is just a baby. This will give them enough room to exercise every day.

Third retrieve a silk blanket cut to exactly 30cm long and 35cm wide, this means that your unicorn has something to cover itself with at night.

Fourth, obtain two of the smallest, puffy pillows in order for your unicorn’s head to be comfy.

Fifth, collect a washing – up bowl exactly 1m long and 50cm wide which gives you a lot of space to wash your unicorn.

Sixth, gather a bottle of babies soap and hoof polish and mix them together until you get a new soap called knowledge polish.

Then, cover your unicorn in your new soap and rinse in the washing – up bowl. This will cause you to have a clean, fresh smelling unicorn.

Finally, gain 2 bottles of Diet Coca Cola and Pepsi Max to keep your unicorn alive because legends say that fizzy pop will keep their blood moving.


If you do not follow these steps, your unicorn will die and you will be known as a unicorn murderer! Have fun!