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Part 2

“Well Tom we are going to have to go as Kylian has to have tea,” as she left I had just re-thought those words.As me and Derek walked home we spoke about the new boy,then we had to split up as he lived two blocks away.”Mum I’m home”I screamed upstairs as I normally do.”We had a new boy today”I jumped on my bed and read the rock weekly comic again for the second time,They belong to my annoying sister Delia who never lets me in her room.It was then I smelt paint and it was coming from Delia’s room,Was she painting? I didn’t know Delia liked painting,well there’s something new we have something in common.I went to open her door but it was jammed shut,then I heard her shout”Go away Tom!”I’m going to get to the bottom of this… even if it needed dad’s help.

Come to the magical Emporium!

Are you sitting on your sofa being bored? Do you want to go somewhere but son’t have the money? Well come to the magical Emporium! Tickets cost £1.00 for 10 people! But if you want to go on your own, it is only 10 p! Hope to see you there. Just call 077 869 241 to book! We love lots of people coming and when you come, just close your eyes and think of something. Then open your eyes and boom they are there! We are waiting for your arrival! Bye for now.

The Everywhere Emporium

Welcome to the Everywhere Emporium where you can find the most extraordinary items on the face of the earth. There is the invisibility cloak for only 5 galleons, The elder wand for 9 galleons and the Resurrection Stone for 12 galleons. Mr R.J.Lupin says ‘ This has got to be the most amazing store in the solar system’ and he knows his facts as he is an ex professor at the school Hogwarts where Harry Potter learns. Call us at +00 0000 000000 or email /Owl post HarryPotter@TheEverywhereEmporium.com or LO99 9HP Harry Potter The Everywhere Emporium Diagon Alley.

The Blow Up

They were in the house playing snakes and ladders with his friends when the light in the basement started flickering and getting lighter and lighter.After five seconds past the light just went flat it was like the sun shining in the UK. Suddenly the light blown up making one of the kids cry then another one was crying  because a large chunk of glass got inside his eye making him blind and making him dead with blood spiting everywhere my face was like i was in a bath of blood i didn’t know what to do.

Come to the Emporium!

Are you bored on the weekend and are looking for a job? Do you like to work? If so, Come to our amazing Emporium and get  job as shopkeeper! You get paid £40.00 a week! We are very thankful to you if you want to help out! Our shop sells clothes and you, yes you get a free set of your choice! Call 0800 653 879 to apply now!

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The rare lion

The rare lion has great big blue eyes like a ocean if you stare at them for so long it will feel like you are drowning .. did you know that if you touch a female lion it will have 10 million fox cub’s .

The Empty Chair

Today was the day, the chair at the back of the class had been filled but it was only at the first break as I was talking with Derek that Mr Tomas was chatting with Mrs Field,who had an unfamiliar face by her side.Derek asked me”Who is that” but I finally didn’t have an answer.As the bell rang I ran to the front of the line, as I was running I realised Mrs Field was First Aid lady so I tripped over and grazed my knee.Hoping to see this new boy.This new boy had the eyes of the ocean, I tried introducing myself but I don’t think he speaks English,Mrs Field said I could look after him for the day,in Science the new boy knew almost all the answers.”He must be French as he could speak fluent French.It was home time and the new boy went to his carer.”His name is Kylian and he is French.That was when a punch of happiness hit me I had guessed his language.And then she asked what my name was and I replied with”Tom”.


The Axalotl

The Axalotl is amphibian and was found in a lake in mexico they are a breed of a mole salamander and a fish. They con grow back parts of their boddy’s such as parts of its brain its hear and all of it’s limbs over time.

The Lion-Caterpillar

The Lion- Caterpillar is one of the most strangest insects in the world. You can only find them in YOUR hair, chilling on a strand of hair. The male Lion-Caterpillar can grow up to the size of an elephant if you disturb it and the female can lay up to one thousand eggs. When they hatch, even they will lay eggs if female after a second!