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A mysterious escapade part 3

Holly leaped over the rocky surface of the road, searching for the mystifying individuals. The rays of the sun, lights up the surroundings revealing a treasure box. They dashed to the treasure box, as they opened it gallons of glorious treasure was inside. As quick as a flash, a goblin emerged to guard the treasure, and yelled, “Get away from the treasure now!” They moved hastily away. Holly replied, “Sorry we will go and explore the forest.” Andrew darted into the forest, focusing on a laminating shape ahead. Then Holly followed, weaving in and out of the crooked towering trees. He stopped in his tracks as the shape drew closer, he thought it was a firefly but it was a fluttering fairy. The fairy whizzed around their heads, flashing a smile and vanishing without a word.

Holly, who has long luscious chocolatey brown hair, was exhausted from the excitement of the day. They continued their quest through the forest plodding over the spindly roots. Andrew, who is stumpy like a garden gnome, froze in fear at the sight of a sinister skeleton. What is it doing here? Where did it come from? Are we safe? Darkness is drawing near….

Attack of the Goobren

 part 3

The city loomed large and outlandish out of the gloom. Jayden, battle scarred and heroic as he was, felt confused and uncertain of which way to go. He knew he had to keep moving, but his instincts seemed to be failing him, in light of the forbidding city.

Milly’s Sky Adventure

Milly gripped tightly to the large, purple helm, causing the palms of her hands to blister. She struggled to steady her beautiful sky ship. For a split second she felt the sharp sting of regret, this was not what she had invisioned for her magical treasure hunting adventure.

Suddenly the pink wooden ship jolted, bringing her back to the harsh reality that her hopes and dreams were being attacked.

Opening skyship

At that moment Fingulger​ gripped the icy, cold frame of the skyrider as it dipped into the eye of the storm (where the dragons lay).
His loyal companions (Neao, Hertshe and Zugla) transfixed all of there attention against the dark dragons. Suddenly all of the dragons shot there purple energy balls at the ships balloon. Finguler steered the skyrider out of the path of the energy balls, but then he came in contact with the dragons claws and they all plummeted towards the earth.

Attack of the Goobren

The ship came down with with a hellish screech as it skidded along in a gravel clearing, the only obvious place to land in the gloomy abandoned looking city. In every direction a maze of high walls jagged like sharks teeth, everything shrouded in a heavy blanket of fog. Jaydon feels the temperature plummet as he surveys the landscape with his trusty googlees binoculars,  searching for signs of life and imminent danger.




Max hurried across the deck of the Stargazer, he was looking for the Captain. He needed to tell him that they were heading towards an enormous storm front! He bumped into Lucy, knocking her to the floor. “Have you seen Captain Tom?” He asked as he helped her to her feet. Lucy pointed to the galley, with a furious look on her face. Max muttered an apology as he strode off towards the ships kitchen.

“Captain Tom!” Shouted Max, as he entered the galley, “We are heading towards a storm.”
The Captain looked up from his large mug of coffee and immediately sprang up. “Come with me, Boy!” he said cheerfully as he made his way out of the door. “Lets have a look at this weather!”

Lucy and her husky, Jeremy, were already at the helm when Captain Tom and Max rushed through the door. The Captain picked up his telescope and raised it to his good eye. He laughed, then said “that doesn’t look too bad, it’s nothing the Stargazer can’t handle!”

Everyone was looking in the direction of the storm when suddenly, there was flash that lit up the sky and a deafening clap of thunder. Captain Tom’s expression changed, he turned to the squawk box and began barking orders to his crew.

‘Action stations’ roared Captain Tom!

Before their very eyes a curious silhouette began to emerge from the graphite coloured clouds.
What could it be?
Dangerous dragons, troublesome trolls, green goblins, wicked witches or boisterous bogeymen?

The crew could hardly believe their eyes!
Lucy screeched and Max gasped as another skyship appeared!
Captain Tom boomed ‘Its a Snollygoster Skyship!’

Before the crew had time to think, the other Skyship was above them, forcing them to deflate their balloon and descend to the unknown land below!

As the land became more visible and the panic of the crew became more obvious, a strange calming smell came over the Stargazer!
It seemed to float in the air like a feather in the fresh spring breeze!
A sudden lull came over the crew, a sense of calm instead of confusion surrounded the ship.

There was a dull thud as the Stargazer came to rest on the sand.
Captain Tom wondered what this threatening force?
What could the Snollygoster Skyship possibly want or need from them?

The cliffhanger

In the gloomy sky amongst the icy hail and through the foggy clouds,the sky ship drifted towards the desert island. The sand is as dry as my tongue and a mysterious forest surrounds the five hundred foot active volcano which warms the turquoise ocean. I daydream that I am lying on the boiling sand watching the volcano smoke. I can hear the volcano roaring,almost breaking the sound barrier, as the ground shakes and the sand shuffles towards the ocean…

My dragon story part 2

​Hailey woke up, and found the ships balloon and hatches broken into pieces the propellors burning in flames scattered all around her. She could smell the fragrance of the wood burning. All around her fancy furniture and magical tools dispersed everywhere. The sound of the engine still running surprised her since she thought it would be on fire.

Hailey got up to see a massive field covered with long wavy grass, and beautifly glistening pebbles with some long outstanding roses. To the far far right, there was a small abandon village, covered with rusty metal and wooden houses torn apart. Animals swarmed the village searching for food, dying of hunger, there was cows, sheep, dogs, cats all sorts of animals!

Help me get up Hailey!” snapped Mrs Rend. Hailey slowly and carefully helped her mother up. They then gathered their things and started walking to the empty village to settle in one of the small houses. When they got there, Hailey took the map of wonders and soon realised they were just at the bottom of the Misty Mountains. “I thought we were flying near the Magical Mountains.” She thought. She started running towards the mountain remembering that there should be a tree with an old box filled with a mysterious cape of some sort. She got pushed and pulled by the howling wind snatching her energy away from her.

“Theres no point in even going there.” she said to herself. She walked miserably back to the village thinking of what she could even do with the cape if she found it. She decided to walk to the ship to grab some of the blankets from her hidden room when she suddenly smelled a pleasant scent as if there was a bakery nearby…


A mysterious escapade part 2

As we approached the hazy silhouette, a blue powerful dragon became visible. To our astonishment, he responded to our appearance by saying, “I’m sorry if I scared you, I’m not as wild as I appear. What are you doing at this destination?” Holly replied without delay, “ We are on an adventure to the Equator to see what mystical lands we can locate.” The dragon is from a mystical land of wonderous creatures, where he can guide Holly and Andrew to their destination. The dragon exclaims, “ I will help you, follow me!” Holly guides the airship following the path of the dragon.

On their travels, they caught a glimpse of an erupting volcano, laminating a golden path along the rocky surface. Flowers in bloom, fresh and sweet and the last thing they got a glimpse of was the inside of a thunder cloud, it was dark, the lightening was so bright that we had to shield our eyes. After coming out of the thunder cloud the dragon finally signalled that we had arrived. It was beautiful, Holly mentioned, “I want to stay here forever.” Then as they disembarked from the airship, Holly saw a glory of pearlescent unique unicorns shimmering in the rising sun. The land was full of mystifying individuals.