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Pie’s Library filled with mysterious objects

David and John surveyed Pie’s Library . On the ceiling, they could just see a faded light flickering in the distance. In the far corner, there leaned a rusted suit full of armour. To one side, a table lay screwed down with an ancient map, candlesticks and a golden majestic chest. Underneath the table and poking out from a small box was the very thing they were looking for; a miniature dragon blinked with its lion like eyes glaring at them.

The sky-ship mission: Part 2.

A few years later, they set off another sky-ship called, the ship’s trust. Not as much people wanted to go on it since the incidence a few years ago. But before they started closing the doors: someone from the crowd came, his name was Eric. Brown hair up to his shoulders, glasses and a tie. They agreed to let him in so he did and set off with a few other passengers on board, fumbling with their fingers.

Eric tried to start a conversation with someone but they all turned away until there was a call coming from the engines room. Without thinking, he trudged to the room quietly. But once he got there, nothing was there except a table with a red button and a note. The note said: BEWARE of this button, if you press it, it’ll change your life forever but in a bad way. Looking around to see if anyone was there, he pressed it and tumbled to the left, to the right, back to the left and fell onto the ground. Eric got up fast and before he tried to escape the room, it locked on him and steam was coming from somewhere. Once he breathed it in, he fell to the ground shockingly…


The Sky ship adventure continues…

Scarlet and Daisy woke with a start. They were still in the same gloomy place. Scarlet wearily got up and peaked out of the cave. The clouds had melted into the grey sky and leaves rustled in the wind. Daisy was behind her tapping her on the leg. The girl knew she wanted food.

Ten minutes later, they went out to find food (mainly for Daisy though.) A few wood planks were still in sight, but Scarlet didn’t want to remind herself or Daisy about what happened yesterday; it was in the past now.

They walked among bushes of brown, red and yellow, Daisy often went to sniff them to see if there was a small animal, she could feast on. They soon had been walking for miles, it was time to turn back…

They stumbled back to the cave empty-handed, but then Scarlet stopped amazement…

“What! How?” she cried with excitement. Then Daisy ran closer to it. The sky ship had been fixed! Hundreds of thoughts raced across Scarlet’s mind: how could anyone do this? It’s a miracle! Me and Daisy aren’t alone.

And let’s just say she was right; they weren’t alone…

The sky-ship mission.

Without caution, the shuddered, rapid sky-ship flew past the sugar dusted clouds passing the blue birds. Nothing went wrong, not yet. The crew glared out the cracked window: nothing to be seen, what else would there be? But everything went silent and it became darker, darker and even darker. THUNDER!? The lightning bashed onto one of the wings of the sky-ship, they thought everything would be fine though!

The captain of the sky-ship steered side to side but it was no use because they were already heading further down, down and more down. Suddenly, the crew panicked because it seemed as if they were hurt from some kind.. Until, they were gone.

Some say, the crew wasn’t seen again! Others say, they saw them last week! And one of them say, they were one of them. Who should we believe?

hairless cat dragons


Scarlett stared into the clouds and saw three hairless dragon cats aiming at the sky ship. Then Joshua saw it Scarlett went under deck and took the never ending dragon food to destract them from the ship then she through it off it landed in the dragons mouth but only one of them. The dragons started to fight over the food but then one of the dragons saw some more dragon food on deck that Joshua and Scarlett didnt see. they saw the dragon heading to the ship Scarlett fogot she set a trap …

Suddenly, the dragon fell into the trap and fell down to the ground

Then the other dragons went down to save the other .Scarlett and Joshua flew back to safety and landed somewhere…

Skyship Adventure

John and Susan just climbed aboard their skyship to go an adventure in the sky’s. They left their hometown and went John was steering and Susan was watching out and making sure they don’t run out of fuel. They flew threw the sky for hours.

10 minutes later a wild dark storm approached the skyship was swerving everywhere and John was trying to steer out of the storm but it was impossible. He steered right he steered left but couldn’t get out of the storm. All of a sudden, the was a outline of a ginormous dragon breathing fire out of it’s enormous mouth.

It saw the skyship and approached for John and Susan. “GO DOWN!” shouted Susan. John went down but the dragon followed them. Susan got her bow and started shooting the dragon but the arrows kept on deflecting of the dragon. All at once John steered them into a huge lake in a jungle and SPLASH they were under the water.

the sky ship

Tom gript the hammocks stand, his feet acing as the ship tilted. The sky was about to have them for dinner when the captain won the battle, steering to safety  the captain spoke ,”fellow crewmates we have spotted  a  dragon in the distance, remain calm we shall be attacking, when necessary…”


Moments later, a mementoes thud drove the ship backwards, Tom and Sam had to get back to the main land. They snuck out of the children’s room, [research HQ] then they sprinted to the cockpit to activate emergency pod sequence …


In the corner of his eye , a scale glinted, but he hadn’t heard the harpoons and the SSP [sky security police ] shouting …  he saw a yellow beady eye the size of a football opening…”DUCK!” exclaimed Sam trying to keep out of the dragon’s sight. Immediately, Sam felt a gigantic shadow towering over him as a crackling flame shot out the dragon’s mouth it was attempting to  intimidate them, with the fate of his family and friends depending on them, the brothers worked together to defeat the mighty beast …


Tom did the distraction while Sam pressed the evacuation alarm. The 2 boys sprinted down the 3 layers of stairs to the garage where 40 evacuation pods were stored. Each pod held a life time of needs such as a kitchen , a room, a cockpit ,a toilet  and last but not least a lounge. Tom and Sam dashed through the door to the garage looking for the pod reserved for them, they finally found their parents outside their pod , the doors opened and they got in .Seconds later, the exit doors for the pods opened and they had left.


Had they made it out alive?



Sky Ship explorer

Joe gripped the side of the ship as it continued steering uncontrollably. Joe and Sam tumbled to the floorstill falling from the thin cyan coloured sky.” Stay calm” said the Captain. ” We see a dragon in the distance, we will get closer and we will use our cannons to destroy the mighty beast.” 


The assistants inserted coal in the fuel engines and off the ship went into the light blue sky. The ship flew at lightning speed to defeat the dragon. ” FIRE!” the captain yelled, aiming at the dragon, “Missed! “. The captain took its eye away from the dragon and locked back. Where did it go? Suddenly, there was a loud BANG underneath the ship. The dragon flew above them. It had an angry look in its eyes,” FIRE!” yelled the captain again, hitting the dragon. It fell. They went in the bottom of the ship and into the escape life pod. Off they went as the dragon kept searching in the ship. In the corner of its eyes, the dragon bolted at them… 

Eyes wide, Joe stared behind, “DUCK!” exclaimed Joe as the dragon struck them. 

Will they survive? 

Afternoon Sunrise

Tony Started the zip wire. His knees his legs bent backwards. The air ship flying towards a dragon in the distanceTony and Tom were shivering their toes off. Scared priceless they ran down the escape hatch into the escape pod room, trying to find their weapons to slay the beasts.  His brother shocked trying to find his brother searched the whole deck. All that found were 2 mechanical dragons and his brothers foot prints...                                                                                                                                   

THUNDER started rising. A tsunami was filling the earth everything was covered in dust. The world was more like a tightrope. The boys found each other a escaped the the escape pod...  suddenly there was a bang or was there? 


Will they survive? 

Sky ship opening

Stories have warned people far and wide of the dangers of the East. That is why no map has been completed of its mythical inhabitant’s home nor has anyone ventured there in an eonFurthermore, that was what made Akio’s adventure there even more dangerous than some people would have liked – people like her sister, Marian... 


The sky ship soared over mountains where many unihorned-jackle grazed on the snow. Sunlight glistened on the ginormous waterfall that cascaded over the lip of a lake filled with tropical fish. Akio wished that she could be enjoying the view, but the Captain had just ordered every member of their crew to fix the deck. From where she was standing, it looked like a battered Zeplin was pulling burning driftwood. All the survivors were working furiously to keep the Worrior in the air even as the sweat rolled down their aching backs and they all needed rest. Another attack would finish them for sure. Just then, everyone’s hands shot to their ears as a roar that God could have sent vibrated in the air. When Marian uncovered her ears, her head rang and stars dotted her vision – not nice stars that guided you at night but big splotches of yellow that reminded her of mustardRunning as fast as her legs would take her, she darted into her cabin for Akio only to find a gaping hole in the wall and her bedburning. 


Trying to dowse the flames with her water for the day, Marian shook violently with fear. Meanwhile, Akio had ordered the captain to land the ship. As the nose dipped into a reluctant nod, the dragons truly attacked.