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Emma looked around the area; she saw she was standing in a forest.  She walked up to a small tree, as she approached the tree she saw on the floor: conkers: thin tiny sticks: and dried up leaves. Ella ran to a tree stump and climbed on top of it (it started to crumble).she heard a sound it sounded real it was a forest – dragon…

suspence paragrath

 Melvin woke up at 3am hearing a howl, he went downstairs turned  the tv onto the news. They said there is a werewolf invasion in the city;then something scratched on his door  he got his gun and went to the door and opened it was a werewolf  melvin shot it.

Jurassic time.

Clive was in desperation for a drip of water: the signs of life and civilisation had vanished. The only things he could hear were furious growls and roars – shaking the surface. His surroundings were devastating to look at: a rotting, fly infested corpse was buried under a tree; bones were snapped in half the size of Clive’s leg; and giant footsteps with only 3 toes were imprinted in the ground. At that moment, he realised he had travelled 245 million years back in time; it was the Jurassic period. So that meant Dinosaurs were roaming the land under his bare feet. Immediately, he was face to face with a flesh-tearer. Its jaw widened…

suspense paragraph

Pin found many antiques: a mirror with a brown, shell themed frame; tea cups that have been used for centuries; and chairs on the verge of breaking. Exploring the old home Pin – who had never been in a house as creepy and old as this – was carelessly walking through all the rubble on the floor. Suddenly, a bang was heard from upstairs; she slowly walked up to find out what the noise was. But all she could see was more ancient chairs. Pin started to find the bedroom when he saw a shadowy-figure in the distance. Pin turned and ran past all the cups and chairs.But then she tripped over all the rubble… 

Hansel and Gretel


Tuesday 7th March 2023

I am learning to write a suspense paragraph with complex punctuation.


On a dark, freezing night, a poor woodcutter and his wife had two children, who were very naughty, called Hansel and Gretel. When they were younger their mother had died; Hansel and Gretel were very sad. Soon their Father remarried but their new bad-tempered stepmother

(Brunhilda) was incredibly cruel: she tried to convince their dad to abandon his children because they had no money to feed them; she seduced and manipulated their father for attention and to get the children into trouble. “Listen, man, tomorrow take the two children, give them both a piece of bread, lead them into the thickest part in the middle of the woods, make them a fire and leave them there”, said the evil stepmother. The father refused but She was not having it. On the next rainy, stormy rain, Brunhilda had the evilest plan to get rid of Hansel and Gretel…


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Tuesday 7th March 2023 

Lo I am learning to write a suspense paragraph with complex punctuation. 


Lily looked around; somehow she had found herself on a mysterious planet. She was surrounded by peculiar sights: trees that  took her breath away; grass, which was  purple like lavender; and mushroom houses that looked like they had just been harvested but they had doors on them. She heard noises coming from them; the bushes shaking. She was way too scared to have a look in the bush. Then a mystery-causer came out of the mushroom…

suspence paragraph


Amber woke up; she had found herself surrounded in fluffy clouds.

She thought to herself if it was a dream, but it wasn’t. She stood up as her legs were jiggling from being scared. As she stood up she could see: stars twinkling in the sky; the sun rising up creating an orange glow; and clouds racing towards the sun. She slowly stumbled from cloud to cloud. Something made a noise , it wasn’t the wind or the clouds (it sounded real and alive). Amber’s heart pounded as she was confused about what was up here with her. It was a frost-dragon…


Suspense paragraph


Stumbling through the dark gloomy forest; Jacob saw the twisted oak trees trying to get away from the hunt of the smoke and shadow which were hunting him down. Shadow-hunters. Night-Stalkers. It was horrific all he could see was darkness: Muddy paths were it has been walked on to much; the branches of the trees and the trees itself was ripping apart; the hunt of shadow in the distance and the moon was high up in the eerie gloomy sky, and a wolf howling of the cliff. Realising the hunt and shadow were after him he took a run for it. When he started to get exhausted he observed a little rock he could hide behind just then he had tripped over something… 



Bastion observed his weird surroundings; he was in an endless maze with yellow walls and continues buzzing lights. Without warning, Bastion heard a loud scream; another person could be trapped there with him. All of a sudden, Bastion saw a tall figure: a distorted body; an ear-banging roar shot out and bounced off the walls; and a face that looked like a brick,which was painted black. Bastion began to sprint in the opposite direction. Suddenly, he tripped over… 



Although it was snowing, I played my trombone.

Because there was an odd sound, I played my music very loudly.

Since there was a bad smell, I bought a gas mask.

As there was no one there, I fed my shark.

Before there was no one there, I wore a shirt.