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Hector’s research

Hector fearfully hobbled through the abandoned hospital; he was desperate for explanation.  In the far end of the room, in the corner, he saw it; the something or someone who had caused his injury….

The experiment

After the failed experiment in the science lab, it was rumoured that a monster was unleashed but nobody had even seen it face to face, until that night…  The sound of scraping on the walls had gotten louder, driving him insane.  The stench of chemicals didn’t help at all.  It stopped.  Silence.  Kevin needed to get out of there.  His spine quivered and then a hand grasped his shoulder…

The knock on the door

Melanie heard a knock on the door.  Her cat hissed, she hugged him tightly.  “There’s nothing to worry about, I think.”  She slowly opened the door…  No-one was there but still there was a knock.  At the far end of the room, the plant pot was shaking.  “What is happening?!” she panicked…

The Camp Site

John stumbled back to the fire pit followed by Max and Jason. They were all panting and out of breathe but the fire was out.
“Mrs Honey!” gasped Max but there was only silence. Out of the darkness, there was a long, yawning sound.
“What are you doing up?” she asked with half closed eyes, squinting at her watch. John, Max and Jason looked at each other with wide eyes.

The Accident

Josh rushed back home and he saw his mum. He was sweating and his heart was beating louder than a drum. Next to him, Charlie stood with trembling hands and eyes as big as the moon. As quick as a cheetah, Mum grabbed her coat and ran to where Josh saw the accident happen.

Storm stirs up trouble

Jade peered in the class ,  opened the door and sneaked in. The moment she sat down everyone turned there heads at her. “Sorry I’m late !” Jade muttered nervously putting her hoodie up to not see her face. After, she frantically took her pencil and notebook to catch up with the lesson.

Five minutes later, Storm strutted into the class like she owns the school dragging her bag behind her. She sat down in her seat and immediately started to swing on her chair. ” Hey Miss! I know I’m late but it’s not my fault my alarm clock didn’t wake me up!” She causally mentioned. Then, Storm began to chew something…something pink , suddenly POP! chewing gum popped out of her mouth. ” Miss Storm has chewing gum in her mouth!” a child moaned at the teacher, the tired teacher did not care and lazily wrote some math’s equations on the board.


Michael fearfully stepped on the dry, grassy ground with his red panda perched on his shoulder.  The trees above them glinted in the sunlight.  They heard the snap of a twig and he crouched behind a nearby tree.  The red panda jumped off his shoulder and hid behind a fallen tree branch.  Michael looked up but no-one was there.  Suddenly, a dog leapt out at him and scratched his arm, he fainted.  The red panda sprinted away, deep into the forest…

Carla- HGPS

Outside, snow swirled across the hectic town of Bolton.  A child wearing a wooly jumper, shivered as she waited for the train.  Standing restlessly, she wondered again who her parents were.


Rainy days, empty trees and scary pumpkins,

Line the quite streets that

Children once played out on.


Black cats and witches, dark days and stars,

Halloween approaches,

As children collect chocolate bars.


Parties and treats galore!

Coloured leaves in red, green and gold

With conkers and acorns littering the floor.