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I want to paint…

I want to paint…

The sound of colours as they fly through the sky,

the sight of thew moon as it dazzles in the sky,

the taste of scarlet strawberries growing in the field,

the smell of perfume being sprayed around the world

and the feeling of heat as the sun beams down on us

Counted to one million

I have never talked to a wild bear but I have talked to my dog.

I have never walked to England but I have walked up Arthur seat.

I have never counted to one million but I have counted to a hundred

I have never ridden a penny farthing but I have rode a bike.


I’ve never

I’ve never, went to space but I have been on a plane.                                                                          I’ve never, dug to China but I have dug holes in the hot sand.                                                               I’ve never, went in a nuclear submarine however I have been on a speed boat.