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A dragons on the loose!

This is the 6am news, what is that matt the is  a dragon on the loose? Yes guys the is a dragon on the loose in the town center in St Helens. This is an eye witness of the insdent. “I saw this createar early this morning about 8am it had big red wings and a huge red body. “OMG I can see it out my window right now!”


The horrific creature!

We interrupt this programe with terrific, horrific news. Last week, George saw two Unicorns searching for food amazingly they didn’t spot him. He followed them for a little bit longer but suddenly he saw them fly with there huge wings. People have reported bins in  the street food gone. Further information later.

The feeling

What are heavy?

A huge white shark in the deps of the Pacific ocean, the thought of carrying Mount Everest and the guilt of hurting a friend.

What are light?

The feather of  a red robin drifting in the wind, a cloud in the highest of the sky and the joy of making a friend giggle.


What are

What are soft? The clouds that drip horrible water droplets, the fur of my adorable dog that loves attention,a birds feathers dancing in the wind.     What are rough?  The feeling of a brick, the surface of the mysterious moon.   What are sharp? the blade of a blistering knife soaring threw meat, the top of a sharks giant jaws and the feeling of betrayal.   What are smooth?    The  skin of a newborn baby, the skin of a doves feather.

What is hot?

What is hot? Magma dripping down the edge of a volcano, a hot tub on a roasting day and the sun’s rays lashing down on my skin. What is cold? The skin shivering of ice from antartica, The ice in freezing cold drink on a blazing hot day and the feeling of betraying your friends on the spot.


What are hot?

Lava rushing down a volcano as it swollows up enitire citys.

what are cold?

A  chrismas day as someone opens up there door on to be bloted with snow up to there feet.

Everton is

Everton is good at football but Liverpool is at the same skill level.

Everton is good at passes but Liverpool can do decent passes to each over.

Everton is good at shooting the ball but Liverpool is good shooting as well.

Everton is good at dribbling but Liverpool have good skills for tricks.