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The Wiggling-Wandflower

The Wiggling-Wandflower ******* all day and night, like the life of a party, dancing to the rhythm of the gentle breeze, the singing birds, the trees whispering to each other, telling each other secrets. The Wiggling-Wandflower has its petals in the air like it just doesn’t care. To the Wiggling-Wandflower, the moon is a disco ball, glittering in the charcoal sky, the stars a spotlight, gleaming down on it. In the winter, the Wiggling-Wandflower likes to rest, getting ready to bust some moves in the feel-good spring or the warm, cosy summer. The typical Wiggling-wandflower likes to show off its talent, but rarely, some of them like to be more of a behind-the-scenes kind of plant, as they are not as skilled or confident as the others.

flowers and trees

The mole-rat tree burries itself (like a dog in leaves)under the grimy ground leaving

only a single branch above ground that has around 20 to 25 bright green leaves stuck on it

,and whenever an unexpected animal comes wondering by the mole-rat tree will pull it under

killing it ,to make soil for itself.


The gold-given flower always tilts towards the sun or moon,

making it shine a bright yellow or an silvery grey,

depending on the time of day or where it is placed,

through its mirrored pettals.


The cyclopse flower will always grow itself in the most perculiar places

and always leaves a bright vibrant green vine,


behind its single red and orange colourful pettal


The troppo-tree grows in damp sunny places,

like the beach on a warm night

and also makes a shade so big that most of the time

it will cover half the beach in shade.


The merry-spring flower loves spring

and will show off millions of bright different coloured pettals!

But in winter it turns sad and losses all of its colourful pettals

only leaving three sorrowing grey pettals on an shadowey stalk.

a flower poem

One day while going for a walk it was really chile and consequently later I saw a beutifal lily.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The clover wich is as green as a shining emrald with four fabulous petals is as lucky as finding one hundred pounds under the sand is one of the most popular flowers on this earth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   The violets perticular petals and its gourgeous green stem were danicin like ballerinas to the sound of the soft gentle wind                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         In the lovely jubly forest there was a heavy wind striking everything in its way against the great rose  it was being blown out of this universe but it stayed strong as its petals defended it with all there might

Its hard to believe a world without Eversteen

Its hard to believe a world without the Island of Eversteen.Sadly, the island is under great threat as the results could be deadly! Will you r job rise to the task?


The islands precious  yellow spotted birds are on the edge of extinction!Illegal poachers have been killing the creatures for there golden feathers.These feathers are edible giving a balanced diet of protein and carbohydrates If this goes on the whole island is at risk. Who are the real monsters here ?


On a related note, the islands moon saplings are being hacked down by harvesters that shouldnt belong there. They are ripping off the precious roots these roots keep all plants fresh and fertilized . These criminal harvesters are pawning these roots for lots of money the roots are now used across different galaxies.


In addition, Eversteen is under the danger of pollution. Tourist have been carelessly dumping waste in there there shining rivers.All the rubbish has builded up killing there purple striped dolphins these animals are priceless to the island.


An over use of petrol has had an impact on the air . Smoke clouds have started to form in the sky damaging the oxygen .If this carries on the future children of Eversteen will have no fresh air to breath.


Habitats are being destroyed forests are being chopped down killing creatures of all sort.

You can stop this if you step forward you can save this beautiful island. This has to stop 

So come and help . Remember you can make a change.

Join are website at www.save Eversteen.com

CalmingStress in danger!

                                        CalmingStress Island in danger


It’s almost illegal to imagine a world without CalmingStress Island.It is awful that the island is in deep-graving danger and without your help there could be terrible consequences!.Will you answer this alarming call to save the island?.


The ancient Sacred Faded Rainbow flower that only grows on CalmingStress Island is very addictive to the people who come and visit.This flower grants 3 wishes and it shines like a golden apple growing on a perfect tree.It also adds a balanced meal filled with good protein,little bit of sugar and a promise to get you on a good diet for 10 whole months.However,people have been stealing this flower like they own it!! :c.People have also been stamping and cutting the precious flower for ‘’fun’ and it’s been pushed to the limit so it’s on the brink of extinction!


While we’re on the topic,the Faded Purple trees are being chopped down.Other planets have been coming and taking away the majestic trees to make there land look more beautiful.They  crush the bark till pulped and take it away to their land.Our spa is being turned into medicine to earn a fortune! :c.


In other words,Our land is now filled with awful pollution!.Visitors have ignored our bins and left the rubbish in the middle of our land!.Because people have left rubbish in the middle of our land the whistling wind has blown most the rubbish into our lake! killing our fish.But our rare rock turtles are being killed as quick as a flash and are also now on the verge of extinction!.


In addition to this,the fuelled cars have been overused and are now starting to create acid rains!.The acid rain is affecting the land deeply. But most importantly,children who come here are now starting to get breathing problems because of the air.The air is filled with smog.Smog is smog and fog combined.


Animals are being killed,rivers are being polluted with acid rain,smog is affecting people and plants are becoming extinct!.This cannot go on as we all are like a family!.We must work together regardless of the consequences.If you refuse to be a fool we urge you to join this fight to save CalmingStress Island! Do you want to be a nobody or do you want to be a hero!?

Expensive Island

It is hard to imagine a world without Expensive Island. Crazily,the island is looking up to worrying danger and without your help there will be immediate danger! Will you answer this life saving call to save Expensive Island.


Alarmingly, the Tiny Dinos that live on Expensive Island are dying out and fast. Their food is running out and the grass they eat is dying out due to a lack of clean air.


Money trees are being illegally chopped down.The golden bark that thrives on the trees is being cut and sold for a lot of money! The expensive money leaves are being sold as well. At the market, people are making a fortune.


Sadly, Expensive Island is under immediate pollution. Due to the amount of rubbish on the beaches and rare rock dolphins are being killed by microbites from disintegrated plastic.


An overuse of oil turbo fueled jets has caused acid rain that is destroying our  wonderful grasslands and flowers. In Addition, air pollution is getting worse and breathing problems have occurred to our younger children. This definitely can’t be happening, we have to act now!


Habitats are being wrecked and our rivers are being destroyed and fish are being killed. YOU MUST help us now! Remember join our campaign and join our fight to save lives.

Mystical Candy Island.

It’s hard to imagine a world without Mystical Candy Island. Alarmingly, the island is under ferocious danger and without your help there will be petrifying commotion. Will you help us and take on the challenge?


The beautiful Passion flower only grows on Mystical Candy Island and it is sadly getting destroyed. It is insanely important because it provides delicious food for the tiny dinos, cats and hamsters. The berries that the flower harvests are going extinct rapidly. Also, It is getting destroyed carelessly by monsters, and everyone’s diet is at risk. Their whole culture is at risk. 


The stunning sweet trees are getting cut down by people who obviously don’t care. These people are being very disrespectful! They only cut down the rare trees to get the beautiful bark and they make a fortune from selling it. This can’t be allowed, so act now and help save these amazing trees. 


Sadly, Mystical Candy Island is under threat of pollution. Careless visitors have dropped rubbish everywhere and it is all over the floor. As a result, Tiny Dinos are dying. 


It’s hard to imagine that people are dying from too much smoke coming out of the factory chimneys, from the candy factories. Little children are dying from breathing problems, this is atrocious and we must do something! 


Fountains are being poisoned and rare, fascinating fish are dying. We deeply urge you to do something immediately, remember you can always make a difference. Call our campaign and you will save important lives.

Palm island


It is hard to imagine a world without the palm island.Sadly the island is under immediate threat,the mushy land is taking over.Without your help,this could get catastrophic!Do you really want the musy island to take over and let the palm island disappear?


The pastel yellow lemon flower,that only grows on palm island,is in bad danger.Mushrooms are taking over this historic island.The bad air is blooming out of the mushrooms and travelling around,killing the rare lemon flowers and making them extinct,putting them at risk.


Furthermore,the town of palm trees are going to die because of the discarded rubbish surrounding them. If you don’t want the mushy island to take over this island then help save the trees and stop people throwing rubbish on the palm island.Leaves of the palm trees are slowly falling off because of the rubbish and pollution.


In addition,the mushy island is taking over and the palm island and that is why the palm island is dying.Do you want the palm island to eventually disappear and the mushy island to take over /


Habitats are being destroyed by all the acid rain,it is hurting the monkeys and infecting the wild coconuts and making the rivers toxic for the fish and other animals.The rain is also infecting the wild life that has not even been investigated.


Do you want the palm island to suffer from the mushy island?Once again the mushrooms are taking over and the bad air is travelling.Please help and make this situation better.Visit WWW.palmisland.co.uk

Grint Island

It’s hard to imagine a world without The Grint Island. Shockingly, The island is getting seriously dangerous threat and without you, The island will have massive consequences!. Will you be the one saving the wonderful island?.


The diamond flower is rich to these people, It gives free money, good luck and shines brighter than stars!.Sadly, These ruthless people are ripping the diamond flower out of the ground and putting it on fire and throwing it in the ocean and they don’t know what it does!. If they keep on doing this then in no time the island will be destroyed! They will do anything to kill the island they have nearly killed every single tree snake there! They are harmless nice snakes that are trying to make homes and these horrible people are just killing them.


The Hing tree is a magical beautiful tree that provides millions of food a year, its 198 foot long and if u touch it u will never ever be sad again, the food is wonderful and looks delicious. It gives 3 wishes and a sunny day. Depressingly, they are cutting down the trees every single second for money, they are turning down 3 wishes and a sunny day for money. This cannot be allowed as it also provides 48% of oxygen


All of this madness is causing enormous amounts of pollution and there is plastic everywhere on the ground! They smoke everywhere,they put fires everywhere and are killing the tree snakes from smoke! 


They are taking every single food and killing the tree snakes from starvation, they are taking diamond flowers and taking tree snakes from there natural habitat the ruthless people are making a trash bin. It’s outrageous that tree snakes are dying and becoming extinct!


Will you help us save Grint Island, the magical beautiful place?. If u do u get a diamond flower and a spare Hing tree for our appreciation

Random Things Island

Its hard to imagine a world without Random Things Island.depresingly,the island is under serious threat and without your help, the consequences will be catastrophic will you be the one to make  

A  difference? 


The sacred flower called thomptom that only grows on Random things Island is only a few hours away from dying.This is very bad news for the people on this island because it brings happiness to everyone on the there.After,the place will be a sad miserable place.


                                                     Futhermore,beutiful flowers and wavy grass is being illegally cut without permission.The island is also being robbed alot and this needs to be put to an end.


 In addition,Random Things Island is under a threat of pollution because have been coming to the island unexpectedly and throwing trash into the rivers and on the landand as a result turtles 

Are slowly dying.


There is also riots everywhere.Right now this island is a mess, animals habitats are being destroyed and so is peoples homes.every thing is being destroyed.                  


There is only one person for the job and that is you.To help us visit http/helpourislandforoursafteyplease.