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The Silly Poem

I’ve never married a silly old Mr Bean man, but I have kissed my amazing, beautiful mum.

I’ve never flown on the back of a good-looking, magical unicorn, but I have seen an airplane soar through the dark cloudy sky.

I’ve never had a little sister, but I have got a little brother named Jack.

I’ve never tasted a crab apple, but I have eaten an extremely sour lemon(The whole thing)

I’ve never ridden a chandelier covered in ice when I’m completely on fire, but I have chased my cat over the fence.

I’ve never eaten a piece of the sun, but I have touched a boiling hot pan when it was bubbling like crazy.

I’ve never killed a rabbit, but I have saved a poor bird’s life when its wing was broken.

I’ve never swum with a shark, but I have been in the Oasis swimming pool with my brother.

I’ve never seen Godzilla, but I have watched a video with King Kong in it.

By Alexa

I want to dream…

I want to dream…….


I want to dream of getting a pet fox for christmas that dances around as if it’s trying to catch its tail like one i saw in the woods.


Of a slithery snake swishing through the woods like the breeze blowing through the trees.


Of a bird tweeting in the woods like it’s laughing with happiness.



I want to see…….


The floor covered with leaves and flower petals sat with bugs under them having a party under the leaves or the petals.

A wonderful tree shiny, sparkling bright green leaves that blow in the wind,the wondrous wind blows with the grass as well.


The glowing sparkling moon with a shooting star that glides through the clouds with the moon shining bright.



I want to glimpse………


An orchid that shines bright when the sun sparkles on its precious flower .


A wild cat with black spots and brown eyes that rolls around in the snow playing with it’s tail.


A wonderful scarlet deer racing away from a tremendous horrifying pack of wolves chasing it for food.


I want to notice……….


A ferocious bear that scratches its back on a brown bruised tree while eating leaves.


A silver birch tree dancing in the lonely twilight.

I want to see…

I want to see..



A tall Magnificent slender tree blowing in the wind, tangled leaves floating in the air

A bright sunset shining through the window into my eyes

White and grey sticky marshmallow clouds strolling across the sky.



I want to spy..



A golden shining fox  hiding behind a bright green tree, with loads of colourful fruits

Long, strangling, tripping roots choking me when i take a step

Icy wind trickling down my spine.




I want to glimpse..



A carpet of white snowdrops covering the forest floor

An ocean of indigo bluebells flowing towards a stream

Ivy clawing its way up the spiky spectacular splendid sycamore, up to the cotton wool clouds




I want to see…

I want to see


I want to see…

A grey,howling wolf baying at the full moon

A brown and silver owl sleeping peacefully on a dark bronze bark tree.

Loads of shining red apples and gold banana trees.


I want to glimpse…

Beavers near the river stream gently placing golden brown logs to make a den.

A bright orange monkey collecting for his family.

A white dove flying through the north of trees like a boxer avoiding punches.


I want to notice…

A snake blending in with the leaves waiting to  attack its prey.

The trees throwing down all sorts of berries every day.